The Republican drain dive

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This from the Right Wing News which is slightly right of the right wing fringe

The Republicans ruined their brand by these actions:

1. If you're going to fight--beat the hell out of the opposition and get it over with. [Iraq, Afghanistan]
2. If you're going to preach fiscal conservatism don't spend like Imelda Marcos at a shoe store.
3. If you're going to stand for the family don't pass laws that hurt the family--making declaring bankruptcy harder, Kelo, etc.
4. If you're making hard choices for the benefit of everyone, get in front of the camera and explain it.
5. If you're going to be in the lead, stop reacting to Democrat plans and come up with good ideas and follow through on your own.
6. If you're going to say national security is key, don't let the southern border be a porous sponge leaking criminals and who knows who.

Congressmen killed the Republican brand by killing Social Security reform, not pushing through more conservative judges, etc. while they had the chance. They appeared weak and unworthy of leadership.

The President helped kill the Republican brand by rubber stamping bloated, pork-laden bills--'course he needed money for the war efforts.

Still, if the Republicans in Congress are frustrated, they need only to look at themselves and sellouts like Collins, Snowe and Specter. They are just doing what they've always done and in the last eight years they were joined by more than a few other sellouts who put their personal political career over the benefit of the party as a whole and more importantly, the country.
Tyr, it may sound counter intuitive, but I think Republicans will have tough time making gains in the Senate in 2010, unless economy is much worse that what any of us expect.

The problem is that half the Republican Senators are up for reelection, I think about 20 of them. Only 13 or 14 Democrats are up for reelection. So the chances that Republicans will make any significant gains in the Senate in 2010 are remote.

2012 is of course, presidential election. If Obama is popular at that time, he will help the Senate candidates. So it also does not seem likely that Republicans will gain control of the Senate in 2012.

I think they may have to wait for six more years before they can realistically hope to gain control of the Senate. House is a different matter, they may able to get control of the House earlier.

But at least in the short term, it does not look good for the Republicans.
The Republicans should try things that are right, not just things from the right.
Quote: Originally Posted by KreskinView Post

The Republicans should try things that are right, not just things from the right.

Although contrary to the Republican party line (to do things "right"), it will take a massive shift in ideology and a move away from the lunatic fringe of evangelism to get them any gains at all in the next election

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