Dead In The Water - Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty

BBC documentary from before they were so worried about being "impartial."

Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty

Interesting, from that film I would have to say the there is a possability the troops on all sides were played.

The guy from the Israeli gun boat was what got me thinking. He says that they made a mistake
1. Radar plot with a mistake of 28knots. This is next to impposible if they were making full speed themselves. I do radar plots and they would not be allowed near a radar if they had that kind of accuracy.
2. They confused it with a transport ship. It likely was a transport ship in a different area. Especially if they had plotted it at 28knots.
3. If the LIBERTY communication was jammed they would not detect an other ship in the area.
4. Differences in the stories on how the gun boats attacked the target tell me that there were two different attacks in two different locations.

It was a definite coverup of some sort likely by the World Power (I hate using that term). There have been many accounts now of black boats, helicopters, planes, trucks, trains etc etc. which are driven by people of foriegn decent. This goes for foriegn countries also. People in foriegn countries report Americans. Americans report Russians or Eastern block sounding voices. I believe that it is some sort of UN controlled group of special forces. Others will tell you that it is the CIA, but no one really nows. But if they have seen them, they know they exist.

I have been into places that no one ever think possible in todays society in the States. I have been there, but I know for a fact that if I told you I had infultrated a facility like that, by just walking in, with a smile and a good attitude, you would not believe me.

So, who am I to say they didn't see what they saw. I do know there are coverups on all scales. Why not here.

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