They won't be satisfied until Rush Limbaugh is silenced‏

It's a non issue, but it is comical to listen to Rush's strident whining every time he feels someone is picking on him (which he thinks is all the time)

He has very little influence anymore since he outted himself for being a racist and a drug addict, so this is his way of keeping his name in the news
#32 was Obama that mentioned his name and brought him even more attention.
Rush Limbaugh didn't get more or less famous.

He is the equivalent of the Daily Show and Colbert Report..except not funny haha, more like funny you poor sack of turd "I feel better about my life by looking at yours" funny.

The problem is news channels (like Fox News) broadcasting people like Bill O'Reilly. He does not belong on the news channel.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report are on Comedy Central, which is fair notice that they are comedy not news.

Most of these shows (Hannity, O'Reilly) are on a News channel, thats a blatant lie.

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