Airline passenger compensation bill introduced.

Airline passenger compensation bill introduced. (external - login to view)


OTTAWA - A New Democrat member of Parliament introduced a private member's bill Tuesday that, if passed, would protect airline passengers by providing compensation to those who experience travelling troubles such as overbooked or cancelled flights.

The bill from Jim Maloway includes measures on compensation for overbooked flights, unreasonable tarmac delays, cancelled or delayed flights, the concern for late and lost luggage and all-inclusive pricing by airline companies in their advertising.

"The legislation is inspired by a European Union law, where over-bookings have dropped significantly," Maloway said in a statement Tuesday.

"Air Canada is already operating under the European laws for their flights in Europe. Why should an Air Canada customer receive better treatment in Europe than in Canada?"

Under the proposed law, airports and airlines would have to inform passengers of their rights and the process to file for compensation.

Finally, good idea.... if this passes, we can thank the NDP for yet another decent thing for the general Canadian public.
A great show to watch is "Airlines". It follows Southwest Airlines through a day. Great stuff.

I've never run into this but the airlines overbook their flights because the odds of cancellations are pretty good. When that happens and there aren't enough cancellations some people who made reservations are bumped. This family was going on vacation and there were only enough seats for half of them. They were ripped!

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