Should women or couples be allowed to profit from having so many children

Why not... Everything's for sale lately. Morals, ethics, Senate seats....

I wonder what it'll average out to per kid? Is it taxable? Does she get a "bulk" deal or is it per kid?

The mother of the world's longest-living octuplets is being deluged with offers for book deals, TV shows and other business proposals. Aside from the media attention and potential income from such, what is the effect on the children? With so many, can parents devote the attention needed for them all individually, and are the older siblings raising the younger ones? Are the parents shirking responsibility and taking away from the older siblings' childhoods? The women of discuss the implications and responsibilities of having large, multiple births.
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lone wolf
Profit? If they're not selling them or pimping them out, there is no profit....

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