Ethnic tension ignites at UBC

Either I'm totally misreading this as so much Jewish student Association(and Vancouver Hillel Foundation) CYA for vandalism or there is a definite Jewish bias going on at UBC. The Arab student objected to posters being illegally torn down from HIS door.

The B.C. Hate Crime Team has been called amid concerns over rising tensions between Jewish and Arab students at UBC.

The investigation concerns two incidents Jan. 31 involving an Arab student and two groups of Jewish students outside a dorm room.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Peter Thiessen said that at about 8:30 p.m., the Arab student noticed four people, with a video camera, outside his door tearing down posters of Palestinian leaders.

The Arab student caught one of the four and an altercation ensued. An hour later, the student confronted a group of six other students outside his dorm. Police say the student challenged the group and again chased down one of them.

Although it was the Arab who called police, both Jewish students have accused him of assaulting them and tearing off their Star of David pendants.

No charges have been laid, but Thiessen said police are investigating.

Thiessen said the alleged assaults are isolated incidents and "not indicative" of life on campus, but the head of a Jewish student association says tensions have escalated.

"Since we returned from the winter break, there have been tempers on campus originating with the conflict in the Middle East," said Pat Johnson, managing director of the Vancouver Hillel Foundation. "There's been a very active anti-Israel mobilization going on. It's an emotional issue, but clearly a line has been crossed."

Johnson - who called the assaults anti-Semitic and unjustifiable - said the two students are traumatized and need counselling. HUH????

A safe-buddy walking program has also been set up for Jewish students and there will be increased security at an upcoming Israel Awareness Week event on campus, Johnson said.
Yeah, this seems a little much....I wonder which Palestinian leaders the Arab had posted?

I mean, Hamas proclaims its purpose is to kill all Jews. If the leaders posted were Hamas, then the Jewish students may have had some reason to be upset........but this whinning because they were confronted.....spare me.

If you want to start a confrontation, don't cry when there is one.

Leave that crap to Hamas in Gaza.
L Gilbert
It's sad when the stupidities of "grownups" influence kids like that.
well, I think the students who tore down the poster should face vandalism charges (unless there is a policy prohibiting political posters, or even just any posters from the outside of dorm doors, alot of places have that), and I think the student who resorted to violence should be charged with assault.

This is Canada, people aren't allowed to defend their property with force here. Thats why we are expected to sit back and quietly wait for police to show up, ideally before we have been both raped and killed.

I may not agree with such laws, but those are the types of laws we have held for years, long before any recent tensions.

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