Labor union tells lawmakers: We're watching you

The economy is tanking and the union bozo's are issuing threats? What's the union mentality...

"I think [office-holders] should be worried that if they don't live to what Americans just voted for -- which was change, which was having workers be able to make more money to take care of their families -- people should be worried if they're not going to live up to those responsibilities. That's what we voted for," he said.
Recent federal labor statistics reveal evidence that Stern's power and his movement are growing.

Of the 428,000 U.S. workers who joined unions last year, nearly 89,000 joined the SEIU, whose members work in health care, public service and property services, including custodial work.

Stern and the SEIU are focused on growing membership in every business where low-wage earners are struggling.

The union has started looking at organizing the financial industry, especially bank tellers. The number of branch banks in the United States has increased every year over the last decade, to nearly 100,000 last year. Branches employ an average of about five tellers each. SEIU sees a potential membership payday in those numbers.
I'm in SEIU. Don't love em, but that is the union at my hospital. I liked CNA a lot better.

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