Is it unpatriotic, during a recession, to replace portrait of Queen with modern art?

One of the advantages of having a constitutional monarchy is that during times of crisis like the recession that Britain is currently experiencing, the monarch provides a neutral, NON-political focal point that the people can rally around instead of a probably much-maligned president or any other politican belonging to a political party. If a republic, like the US, plunges deeper into economic trouble, Obama cannot really be a figurehead for Republicans to rally around if they blame him for the worsening crisis.

Thankly, with a monarchy, we in Britain don't have that problem.

So, as Britain faces something it's not that familiar with these days - a recession - is it unpatriotic to take down a portrait of the Queen and replace with a piece of "modern art"?

Councillor Frank Whittle, of Mid-Suffolk District Council, thinks so.

Sorry, Ma'am you're out of date: Council replaces portrait of the Queen with modern art

By Sam Greenhill
28th January 2009
Daily Mail

In these troubled times, a weighty matter is exercising the finest political minds in Suffolk.

Is it unpatriotic to relegate a picture of the Queen to the back of the council chamber - and replace it with some 'psychedelic' modern art?

For years, the royal portrait enjoyed pride of place behind the chairman's seat in the chamber of Mid-Suffolk District Council.

The artwork on the right has taken up pride of place in the Mid-Suffolk District Council chamber while the Queen's portrait has been tucked away on a rear wall.

Councillor Frank Whittle, below, called the decision 'unpatriotic'.

But now she has been removed to a rear wall, while in her place are three pieces of abstract art.

Conservative councillor Frank Whittle is one of those who are unamused by the Tory-run council's decision.

He said: 'The picture has been moved and put on a back wall and so most of the councillors now have their backs to the Queen, which I do not think is right.

'I think it is unpatriotic. She is the country's figurehead and should be the figurehead of the council.'

The modern art piece which has replaced the Queen is called Traces. It is supposed to represent the development of Mid-Suffolk.

Three glass panes depict ways in which people from the county connect with the wider world - through its waterways, highways and 'cyberways'.

One panel features an open blue square and a red squiggly line, to represent how the internet has transformed the lives of local residents.

Mr Whittle said: 'It is not to everybody's taste. I think that almost 70 per cent of the councillors are over 50 and we are not into that sort of stuff.'

Councillor Whittle faces the modern artwork which he describes as 'psychedelic' and 'not to everyone's taste'

But Green Party councillor Andrew Stringer said: 'I do not really think we should promote the Queen's image everywhere that we can and the decision that we came to was a good compromise.

'We tried something experimental. It is very interesting and easy to engage with and stimulates debate and tells the story of Mid-Suffolk.'

A spokesman for the council, based in Needham Market, near Ipswich, said: 'Yes, the Queen used to be there, but you could not see her during meetings anyway because we had a projector which came down and covered her face.'
Scott Free
Those are some seriously ugly paintings.
L Gilbert
Ugly? You call thos ugly paintings? They made my dogs barf. lol

Here's a little statistic for you, there were an estimated 84,900 households classifed as homeless in England alone in 2007/8 and the "Royal Collection" by itself is worth
10 billion and QE2 herself, according to Forbes magazine, has some 330 million in her bank account. Then there are the estates and so on and so forth. Definitely nice having a monarchy, yup. Especially if you are one.
Scott Free
Yep, it's good to be queen.

It is very important to tie money up so the little people have to struggle otherwise things would get uncomfortably expensive. The Queen serves a purpose then in soaking up all that free cash England's central bank insists on printing.
In Between Man
Is is unpatriotic, during a recession, to replace portrait of Queen with modern art?

I think the question is flawed. What does the recession have to do with it?

I'm sure every so often they move art around, as people get tired of looking at the same thing all the time. I'm pretty sure the Queen doesn' care, so replace it the portrait with some modern art if you so wish.

Just not THAT art...
L Gilbert
Anna says those paintings look like hiphop sounds.
They replace the Queen, with that crap? Sure I do a lot of various art depending on my mood, but that sh*t gives the art community a really bad name.... I never understood that "modern" crayon-toddler-looking crap.

Just because you slap a couple of colors together in a few squiggly lines here and there and then put it into a tryptich, doesn't make it good.

Maybe from someone who survived a railway spike to the brain, but not for anybody who thinks they can simply replace a well known photograph or painting with crap like that.


And I thought Tryptichs were supposed to be three pieces of art that make up one image..... what the hell is that? Besides being the same size and looking like crap individually, none of them flow together in any fashion.

How the hell do these people get jobs anyways?

I mean Hell, look at it:

^ The ones on the end sort of look like they might have flowed together.... but wtf is the case with the centre one? Did they drop the original centre and break it and just tossed that one in there as a filler?

Friggin Acid droppers!
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Those are some seriously ugly paintings.

Well she is getting old.
The queen is so old that paper money sporting her portrait is wrinkled as soon as its printed.
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