Apocalypse in 2012

Read this in a newspaper today – Could not find the article but this basically covers the Mayan Calendar and end of the world scenario.

http://news.aol.ca/article/Thousands-Expect-Apocalypse-in-2012/275345/ (external - login to view)

Geryl is certainly not the only one. Searching for "2012 the end of the world" on Google brings up nearly 700,000 hits. More than 6,500 video posts about the day have been posted on YouTube. There are also countless books on the topic, many published in the wake of the success of Daniel Pinchbeck's "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl," which has been selling thousands of copies each month since it was released last May.
But what do believers think will happen on Dec. 21, 2012? Some say a polar reversal, where the north pole becomes the south, where the sun rises in the west, triggering natural disasters around the world. Others say the date marks a worldwide spiritual awakening.
Experts laugh off these notions. "These prophecies of doom really don't have any basis in what we know about the Maya," said Stephen Houston, an anthropology professor at Brown University and an expert in Maya hieroglyphic writing. "The Maya descriptions barely talk about this event." He said the Mayans saw their calendar coming to an end on the date, but then starting over without any catastrophes.
"Really, it's a conversion of people’s anxieties about our times, and finding some remote mythological precedent or prediction of it," he said. "People like to believe that ancient wisdom is somehow predicting this time of upheaval."
Earth isn't anywhere near center of the Milky Way.


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