The moment a royal Guardsman attacked a tourist who mimicked his marching

A cocky Colombian tourist visiting London got more than he bargained for when he dared to mock a Guardsman protecting St James's Palace.

The tourist, who is a student at Oxford University, decided to copy the Guardsman's actions as he marched back and forth as his pal filmed it on his mobile phone.

What the Colombian kid probably didn't know is that the Guardsman is a British soldier who has probably just seen action in Iraq or Afghanistan and (quite rightly) the Guardsman, armed with a loaded rifle, decided to take matters into his own hands.

The kid is lucky that he didn't have a bayonet thrust where the sun doesn't shine....

Caught on camera: The moment a royal guardsman attacked a tourist who mimicked his marching

By Benedict Moore-bridger
23rd January 2009
Daily Mail

A guard outside St James's Palace attacked a tourist who was copying his distinctive marching actions, it was revealed today.

The Guardsman, who is supposed never to leave his post unless there is a threat to a member of the royal family, was provoked into lunging at tourist Nick Ibarra, clipping him around the head and aiming a kick at him.

It is understood the guard now faces the prospect of a 'dressing down' from his superiors.

Colombian tourist Nicolas Ibarra decides to match the guardsman's steps outside St James' Palace

The student is having a great time impersonating the guard who does not seem amused by his antics

The attack was captured on film by the 23-year-old's friend Suzanne Cadosch.

When the Colombian student began mimicking the guard, he lost his cool and went for Mr Ibarra.

The Oxford University student also claims he was pushed away by the guard, who used his SA-80 semi-automatic rifle while letting out a furious roar!

Ms Cadosch had stopped filming as she was so frightened.

Mr Ibarra continues to follow and copy the guard

Having had enough the sentry loses his cool and turns around

'I felt this huge hand on my collar and managed to avoid a boot up the backside but he was growling-like a bear,' he said.

'I was worried because he had a bayonet on his gun and didn't want that going somewhere painful. He pushed me away with the gun and I just ran for it.'

The guardsman, who is with the 1st Battalion of the Scots Guards of the Guards Division, was on sentry duty.

Clarence House where Prince Charles lives is within St James's environs.

The guard grabs Mr Ibarra by the collar

The soldier snaps and pushes the student away before noticing the camera and doing an about face

Scots Guards in Iraq

Ms Cadosch said: 'I just thought "Oh My God, he's got a gun and he's going for Nick". He grabbed him and tried to boot him.

'You often see people pulling faces at the guards and marching along with them but obviously this soldier didn't find it funny.

'In hindsight I can understand the soldier losing his cool but it was very frightening.'

A fellow guard said: 'You can understand him wanting to put a hobnailed size 12 up the guy's backside for taking the p****.

'But he will be in hot water for losing his cool when he should have ignored it.'

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said it will try to identify the guard and 'speak to him about his behaviour'.


I say if he's a royal guard he should have the same if not more authorities/rights than the police force. What the student was doing was clearly wrong and what the guard did was 100% right. these idiots will never learn and the only way to do it is by force. taking the mick out of a royal guard is indirectly insulting the royal family/royal staff.

- Sanj, Midlands

Mr Ibarra shouldn't have been so disrespectful... why do people think it's ok to do this in the first place.. we may as well dress them as clowns if they're only there to amuse people !

- Simonne, Shoebury, UK

Dressing down? I'd give him a promotion.

- Peter Johnston, bournemouth england

This makes my blood boil. The Guardsman had every right to remonstrate with that idiot. Now guess who will be punished ?.

- Sid, Gateshead

Can't see a problem with this - the lout deserved a clip around the ear (or a bayonet up the backside). I expect he will sue for hurt feelings now. What should happen is that the lout gets drafted into the army to teach him respect for people who are clearly better and more use to his country than he will ever be.

- Bob, Cowes UK
Maybe this soldier was thinking about his comrades killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan, of the contemptible way the government has treated them, and failed to see why he should put up with ridicule from tourists. There are so many new offences now, why isn't there one of showing disrespect to soldiers on duty? Oh, I know, because Blair/Brown and the others would have to be arrested.

- Someone, London

Well done to the guardsman! This hooligan needed a lesson!

- maureen thomas, bristol u.k

How dare this idiot take the micky out of this Guardsman ! Absolutely no respect and got what he deserved. We have soldiers putting their lives on the line every day and this moronic student should be ashamed of himself, Oxford student ? Not for much longer if I had my way, well done to the Guardsman.

- John E, Northamptonshire
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lone wolf
What the tourist did is exactly what thousands of tourists have done outside Buckingham palace. So much for tradition eh?
Honestly! If this was an American doing it to a Brit, can you imagine the outrage that article would contain? If a Scot had done it to an Englishman, I'm quite sure Blackleaf would have had a stroke.
The guard over reacted but then again the student does look Iraqi the guard probably had a flashback which is understandable given the conditions of war
Obviously that smarmy little fukker was engaging in terrorist activities.

Oxford must be scraping the bottom of the barrell

Too bad yon guard did not insert his foot

Into yon fukkheads genitals

Smartass little shyte!!
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