So, I asked the UN secretary general, isn't it time for a war crimes tribunal?

lone wolf
The best chance for an impartial trial will come on a galaxy light years away
I agree with this guy:

YouTube - UN quotIsrael knew they were bombing a schoolquot

Everyone has to be held accountable for war crimes. IN this case war crimes were committed by both sides.

Either UN compounds and international humanitarian agencies are protected or they aren't. If they aren't then the entire international aid system is at risk.
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you know war crimes aren't allotted out on the number of people killed, but the number of people involved in committing or attemping to commit crimes.

Due to the nature of decision making in a centralized group (Israel) versus a decentralized militant resistance,

even in the most anti-semitic war crimes tribunals run by coke fiends and neo-nazis, only a handful of Israelis could be shot while hundreds of palestinians would await the gallows.

The entire tone of your post was shady at best. First you're wrong about the nature of war crime allotments, then you're misleading and wrong about the group dynamics and structure and then you flag any talk of Israeli war crimes tribunals as anti-semetic and then you misinform that few Israelis would be subject to charges. So in it's entirety your post is complete rubbish, maybe coke was involved.

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