Plane crashes into Hudson River

Plane crashes into Hudson River
China National News
Thursday 15th January, 2009

A plane carrying at least 150 people has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City.

The plane had only been in the air for three minutes after take-off when it went down.

The US Airways Airbus A320 passenger plane was flight 1549 from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte.

Officials have claimed that everyone on board survived the crash.

Fox News has also quoted passengers as saying that everyone from the plane had escaped alive.

Airline investigators have blamed the crash on bird strikes, which apparently disabled two of the plane's engines.

Because the plane is partially submerged in water, rescue boats have been picking up passengers who managed to clamber onto the plane's wings.

By Anonymous, 01-16-09, 09:53 AM Plane crashes into Hudson River

Do you believe in Guardian Angel has saved everybody’s life ? Damn good former US air force pilot, he is a hero. By KiwiMom, 01-16-09, 02:44 PM Amazing Story

Having a son in Wellington and having been there and watched the pilots land there and also Youtube, I have always said NZ pilots are tremendously good. It’s an art to land a plane in Wellington. What happened in New York was amazing and those people are incredibly lucky to have that pilot. What a hell of a job he did. There’s so much on the news here in the states about it because for that plane to hit the water at 150mph and not have any deaths is quite a feat.

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Yes, I have watched it over many times, as they did a computerized reconstruction
of exactly what happened. That pilot kept his wits about him, and managed to
land that plane in the water without flipping or diving, amazing.
I congratulate him, and it is great that all of those passengers are safe.
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