Ontario police charge club, employees in Muskoka traffic deaths

Ontario police charge club, employees in Muskoka traffic deaths


Ontario Provincial Police have taken the highly unusual step of laying charges against a Muskoka resort and 16 of its employees in connection with three traffic fatalities.

Last summer Cory Mintz, 20, Tyler Mulcahy, 20, and Kourosh Totonchian, 19, died after the car they were riding in burst through a guardrail and struck a tree before ending up on its side in the Joseph River.

The OPP said at the time that its investigators had determined that alcohol and speed were "definite factors" in the crash that killed the three young men from Toronto.

An autopsy confirmed that all three drowned.

On Monday, police in Bracebridge announced they were charging 16 employees, along with the directors of the Lake Joseph Club with offences under the Liquor Licence Act in connection with the deaths.

The 34 charges include allowing drunkenness on the premises of the club as well as serving liquor to an apparently intoxicated person.

How do they know they were apparently intoxicated? People walk up, ask for a drink, pay for it, they're gone.... you'd have to be staggering your **** off with your eye's crossed before people started to notice you that drunk, and it doesn't take that much to get into an accident when you drink and drive.

But how can they claim they were apparently intoxicated if they were never there and saw them?

And how the hell do they think they're going to get away with charging the entire staff of that night with their deaths? Did they charge the kitchen staff too while they were at it?


The three victims had been visiting the cottage of Mintz's mother and decided to have a late lunch at the restaurant in nearby Port Sandfield.

While returning to the cottage the car hit a guardrail on the Joseph River bridge, crashed through trees and plunged into the water.

"The vehicle had hit and peeled back about 30 feet [about nine metres] of guardrail, and had launched itself and snapped some pine trees off approximately 25 feet [about 7.6 metres] in the air," Jim Sawkins, fire chief for the Township of Muskoka Lakes, told CBC News.

The speed limit for that section of road is 80 km/h. Sawkins said he believed the car was travelling much faster.

The deaths helped prompt new legislation that will put a strict ban on drinking for any driver 21 and under.

A fourth member of the party, Nastasia Elzinga, 19, of Toronto survived the crash.

What the hell ever happened to people being responsible for their own damn actions?

Oh but they died, I forgot.... so I guess they gotta pin it on somebody.

You know when you're drunk.... you know when you're buzzed and if you're either, you shouldn't be driving.

You can't be that damn drunk or that damn stupid to not figure that out and if you can't figure it out, then perhaps you shouldn't be drinking in the first place and is why there are drinking age limits....... based on levels of "Responsibility"

And the others who went driving with the drunk should have known as well and if he didn't seem fine to drive or you seen him drinking a lot that night..... get a damn cab.

No sympathy.... it doesn't matter if you're out to the bars to intentionally get drunk, or you're out to get a bite to eat and have a few with your meal...... when you drink, it's still the same in any situation..... don't go driving.

This is just a friggin witch hunt is what it is, and the laws against the bars for these sorts of situations are a joke.

Why don't they charge the liqour companies who made the alcohol they drank in the first place, like they do with the tobacco companies?

It has to be the bars and those who work there?

Everybody in a bar, those drinking and those serving are supposed to all be adults, capable of taking care of themselves and to make responsible decisions..... I don't see how it should be expected that those getting drunk in a bar should be baby sitted the whole damn time..... and then when they do something stupid, you get charged like a neglectful parent.

What a farce.

There were three people responsible for this disaster.....and they are all dead.

Case closed.
Scott Free
I predict a future of 2% beer with a 1 drink limit.
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Personal accountability has almost gone the way of the dodo. It is always someone else's fault for something that happens. It was the parents, the teachers, the schoolmates, the tunafish salad that was too dry, etc., etc. . Be responsible for your own decisions, poor or not.
lone wolf
Hmm.... I wonder what the charge is for walking into the path of a low-flying bullet?
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