Israel asks the US permission to attack Iran

That's just nuts!!!

What do you do when the "kids" aren't playing well in the sandbox?

President Bush rejected several Israeli requests last year for weapons and permission for a potential airstrike inside Iran, the author of an investigative report told CNN.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists Iran's nuclear program is only intended for peaceful purposes.

Israel approached the White House in early 2008 with three requests for an attack on Iran's main nuclear complex, said New York Times reporter David Sanger. His article appears in the newspaper on Sunday.
According to Sanger, Israel wanted specialized bunker-busting bombs, equipment to help refuel planes making flights into Iran and permission to fly over Iraq to reach the major nuclear complex at Natanz, the site of Iran's only known uranium enrichment plant.

The White House "deflected" the first two requests and denied the last, Sanger said.

"They feared that if it appeared that the United States had helped Israel strike Iran, using Iraqi airspace, that the result in Iraq could be the expulsion of the American troops (from Iraq)," he said. Bush, instead, persuaded Israeli officials to not proceed with the attack by sharing with them some details of covert U.S. operations aimed at sabotaging Iran's nuclear ambitions, Sanger said.
The ongoing operations are designed to undermine Iran's ability to produce weapons-grade fuel and designs it needs to produce a workable nuclear weapon, the newspaper said.
"We know that the U.S. has been trying to conduct covert industrial espionage, if you will, against Iran's nuclear program for many years," said CNN's Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr. "[They have been] going to the suppliers, going other places; trying to make sure that things get messed up, if you will; that parts may not be what they should be; that certain processes may not work right. Anything that they can do to jam the work to delay the program
Brezinstinky Colin Bowel and Biden among others planted the big scare story for Obamas event horizon. War with Iran will give us just the opening crisis we need to give the Dark Princes opening dramatic overkill and it will be overkill, the final solution to Islamism will be portrayed as the selfless salvation from terrorism and tyrany. We will be delivered the finest HolyWood **** story banking money can buy. I wonder if Eelburg will direct? We have to stop them over there before they invade America and abuse our wives and daughters and tests baby Jesus love for us. Stopping global fascism WW2.75. Israel hides behind everybodys women and children especially stupid Americans and thier Canadian lap dogs. They don't need permission, they need someone to hide behind and do the dying.
Just in case you're wondering ,it's already that fantastic.
So this is a pro Bush thread?

Bet that has some panties in a wad
~~~ That's just nuts!!! ~~~

It sure as hell is.

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