How are your gasoline prices today?

I heard on yesterday's news that gas prices were on the rise. Good news to some people and a horror story to most. Our went up 18 cents a litre today! Quite the jump
Yet when it goes down, it goes down less than a cent. Using a horrifying event such as what is happening in the Gaza strip to justify the raise in gasoline prices is beyond reprehensible, since everyone knows there is oil stockpiled everywhere.

Plus, the price of oil goes down so the gas goes up? How the hell does that make sense? In the summer, they were saying they had to raise the price of gasoline because the cost of the barrels of oil went up.

So, what is it you greedy fat-cat bastards? Please tell us, you useless pieces of human waste.
L Gilbert
Oil companies engineer fuel prices mostly based on what they think we will tolerate. I think they were pushing it last year when just before tourist season they cut back refining and laid off refinery workers, though. Of course they spewed the reliable old excuse - shortage. But they omitted to relate to us that they CAUSED the shortage.
Something that ticked me off was that fuel prices here rose after Texas had that hurricane. Now, we EXPORT to the US, so the only explanation is corporate greed.

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