When business and beauty collide | Canada | News | Toronto Sun - When business and beauty collide - t.o. sunday sun...Peter Zimonjic

- Fools gold and pearl necklaces is all Canadians will get from such mines. ...All that glitters isn't gold conservatives.. Get your head out of the U.S's dirty backside..You've been sucking in too many toxic fumes ...You Stink!..Your trashin Canada .What's more disturbing is I don't think Conservatives even realize it!.I hope not anyway.That would mean they were Givin away "All that is Canada/Canadian " on purpose..For nothing...Not even themselves. If they haven't noticed The U.S. don't care about any politicians or interests outside their own. !

Conservatives are All B.S.. Games ,Smoke and mirrors.. What's worse, it's not even Canadian B.S...It's mostly U.S. overflow...Time to wake up Conservatives, wash your face ,brush your teeth and smile .Keep Pretending everythings alright...Your on Canada Camera ..T.V. adds 10pounds..!(There's Something stuck between your teeth)..Oh I forgot ..Harper only watchs American T.V. Doesn't like the insults he gets here..? Maybe it's time to move there then!..They won't know you there..
Lorrie Goldstein | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun -

What the Kyoto protocol has done was give guidelines to countries to curb Greenhouse gases...It told the pubic who the big polluters are and educated people as to all the problems these big business ignore...

What is your reason for your constant rants ?..

What is your vision for the future Mr.Goldstein ?

Do you believe we should reduce our green house gases ..?

Do you believe humans are affecting our climate?

Climate change has been proven over and over again..Answers depend on the area being studied and the time period..97% of Climatologists who study this stuff for a living say we humans are affecting this planet and that there is global warming..97% of climatologists say global warming is occurring and caused by humans (external - login to view)

Who is saying climate change /glabal warming caused by humans doesn't exsist?

Regarless of all the he said she said ..The bigger issue is respecting your surrounding environment ,this 1, and so far only habitable planet we live on.

Can't drink the water if it is poison ..Can't eat the food if it is diseased..Can't live very long if the air is unbreathable..Temp goes up 5 - 10 degrees over the norms we all get sick and die..Unless we can sustain ourselves long enough to implement green/Clean technologies ,find that equalibrium as well as Find another planet to live on ..

Sustainability .

Green/clean technology
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U.S. climate change bill could side-swipe oilsands (external - login to view)- U.S Climate change Bill 2010 - Always a year away..

Critics blast draft plan on climate change-

Harper denies Canada isolated on climate change at Commonwealth meeting

So let me get this right..Power hungry ,Grey Conservatives/republicans abuse, trash and cause chaos across the world for 10 yrs + call it a Crisis..Then go on to use/create irrelevant arguements, saying an economic recovery is more important then sustainability , the people, and the living breathing environment.

Do people really believe the same ol' style of leadership , by the same ol leaders that brought us to "crisis", can be trusted to run the world into the future?

Lead us into a sustainable/prosperous future..?

They will only succeed at running us into the ground..!

Grey Leaders who only think in short term gains ,only look inward to themselves and to out of touch backers/lobbyists for support.They were the ones largely responsible for creating and manufacturing our current problems.

Lest we forget..

Canadian( enviroment?)minister, Jim Prentise and "Gang green"(Clement,Baird,Harper,... )are totally out of touch with what Canada(canadians)and the global communtiee should really be striving/aspiring towards.Right Now.What the world needs more than ever before..- Global Cooperation/A sustainable ,realistic future that includes all .Represented by honest / passionate /future looking/strong leaders, able to listen ,learn,discuss to resolution /to a Solution.Put it Into action.Not just in principle,but in reality ..Without the broken promises and empty excuses..

Grey leaders seem to be under the alurring power and control of easy,dirty $$..

Let the Global World know ..Canadian Conservatives / Republicans, DO NOT speak for the majority of Canadians,Or the rest of the world/ Planet Earth.On climate change / environmental / humanitarian or related revelant issues that speak toward respect for all ..They speak for $$..

They'll neglect and ignore all that is needed ,necessary,asked and hoped for .Like clean air ,food ,water,shelter ,Global cooperation.They will Risk it all for more $$ .More dirty energy.Seemingly even if it's at the expense of a sustainable future and a fairer profit system.

Grey Leaders/market profiteers /Big biz should be prevented from acting in their own self absorbed , greedy pursuit of instant gratification and Dirty $$. If it is proven ,that their actions will negatively affect the majority, and the future of this planet..For they seem to be Ignorant to the fact ,that along with ecological sustainabilty , global respect, and the peoples backing . Money/prosperity will follow.

The quest for $$ alone, is not sustainable ,or necessary, without a livable environment.
No Earth + No life = No $$..

It's all B.S.(Bailout/stimulus?) games for monetary gains.All at the reluctant expense of the passionate public, and blinded slave drone followers..

The future looks bleak /dirty grey at best, as long as Big Biz Polluters and Greedy Grey Politicians are allowed, and not prevented from, further ignoring the real concerns and problems that are facing/continue to plague this world..

Mostly having to do with them, at the expense to us all !
Few gain now. So All will suffer later..Seems to be their slogan.

Green/Clean tech holds the best options/choices along with the most sustainable /prosperous /brightest future. For the betterment of all..

Don't let the smog,smoke and mirrors cloud your mind or vision of the future.

(Mr.Harper and like minded politicians )..The Global economic markets will have to change to the realities of this Global World/Earth. This World/Earth will not bend to them ..That is certain .Change will come ,the future will evolve.With or without consent.

$$, to few, may rule the world.But their short sightedness will not buy us another Planet Earth, or facsimile.

Without a sustainable plan for the future.One that repects this Earth ,and its people .All will be lost .It will be All for nothing .

I do have faith in the future and all the possibilites it holds for us ,as humans, as a living species ...

I do not have faith in the future of Shady Grey Biz Politics..!

Time to get with the times ..Time to Look toward the future .So we know what direction we should be heading in..

Green/clean tech, can/will lead the way..

.......If global leaders all agreed to go into deficit .Create/manufacture a crisis.For whatever reason($?)...

Dick Cheney - Deficits don't matter -

Dick Cheney on Budget & Economy (external - login to view)

Where does the real "0" balance lie?
When it comes to Big Grey Biz /Politicians .There will always be an excuse for not accomplishing anything of relevance, when it comes to issues that truly matter, to the majority of others..

Peace ..
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Ontarians know green is good, why doesn't Queen's Park? | Comment | Toronto Sun - A refreshing change for the T.O. Sun .. Go Greens .!
#125 Video - Canadians going Hungry ?

...How about a green house / food bank? ..Grow it locally ..The " Hungry " Unemployed can volunteer or be given part-time work to help do the labour and maintainance..Lots of food gets thrown out everyday..

Give more to the food bank.. ...!
#126 (external - login to view)

Don Speaks in Support of the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare | Don Davies NDP (external - login to view) - M- 354 Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Sounds good .. Does it apply like wise ,to humans?..Barbarbaric Animals?
Hunger - Hunger -Thread by Big

Internationally - There are many Green/Clean tech things we can do about hunger --

All you need is more clean energy options ..Can grow anything /anywhere with solar power ..

-Spread the wealth - (common wealth)- People with the money should spend more time, and a bit more money, investing in others who have none..
Some people have more money then they can spend in 100 + life times ...

- Many new techniques to clean water - keep seeds longer - genetically modified food options .

Mosts water Problems in a lot of 3rd world countries is with clean water supplies ..Only so much water..

How do we make water?..

Can we make it rain in 3rd world countries?

Recycled PP

Making Water From Thin Air (external - login to view) - Making water out of air .

Desalination (external - login to view) - Desalination ..

Hell If there's water on the moon !We should be able to find a way to get water to people in need.

- Get Grey Big Biz to concentrate more on the people and less on $$ markets ..

- Raise the standard of living in poverty sticken worlds -It is in everyones interest

- population control is necessary in some places - however if the standard of living was better - Wouldn't need so many children ..

-Ensure charities and regulations for charity are allowing money to get to the people in need and not just swallowed up by expensive overhead costs ..Too often money given to charitable organizations is swallowed up/lost in bureaucratic blackholes ...Along with the rest of the peoples money ...

-Ensure charities aren't just throwing money towards countries without results.Teach /fund sustainable practises ...

Many things we can do..Too often we just don't

Educating people on new Green/clean tech options offers the best sustainable future for all .

Humans weren't ment to live in the desert...However with new clean tech ideas/options ..Anything is possible .

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Green Forum (external - login to view) - A good green forum
Metro - 'Civil' climate change protest at federal environment minister's Calgary office (external - login to view) -

Climate change activists sit-in minister's office -cbc -nov 23

Canadian PM to attend Copenhagen climate conference_English_Xinhua (external - login to view) -Prime minister decides to go to climate change conference -

Obama to attend Copenhagen climate change conference - Lynn Sweet (external - login to view)
Obama gonna drop in to climate change meeting ..

Glad Big polluting country leaders decided to attend climate conference ...Although it's Probably so all the other countries at the climate change meeting won't slack talk the absent leaders just before sighning a new climate change agreement .Discussed then Signed without asbent leaders contributing .
Segway inventor takes aim at thirst with Slingshot - (external - login to view)

Top 10 Innovations of 2008 - Breakthrough Awards - Best Future Inventions - Popular Mechanics (external - login to view)

Water water everywhere .... drop by drop ,we clean ,we drink ..
Climate hot topic again | World | News | Toronto Sun

'Botch after botch after botch' | Lorrie Goldstein | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun - Figured Goldstein would be all over this manufactured Conspiracy Hype...

Hacked e-mails at centre of global warming debate | World | News | Toronto Sun

C-311 (external - login to view)

CTV News | Harper 'always' said he'd go to Copenhagen: Prentice

Economics needs Ecology ..Ecology doesn't need Economics ...Evolving Civilized Humans need both ...

When a Virus invades our body and tries to make it home...Our temperature rises to fight off the invader using a dynamic system...

If humans become a invading Virus on this Earth .Will the Earth alter it's temperature/climate to control us ?..Using its natural dynamic systems.?..Freeze ,burn the threat, or both?

For those who believe in Gia theory and to many other "living Earth" enthusiasts .The Earth will do what it has to do inorder to control threats and survive ..

Many / biologists /Chemists/Physists/Astrobiologists /Earth scientists who study dynamic systems would find truth in this premise ..

There is no agruing that there is Climate and many connected dynamic systems at work on this planet and beyond ..It's obvious..

The questions begin with ;
How do Humans affect this planet? To what extent..?What are the effects.? Positive or negative?
There is no doubt we affect the our surrounding environment , Inhabiting species.We are Obviously included in the natural cycles of this planet.....
But How do we affect the earth's natural systems ?..What are the effects ,benefits and consequences, to our actions or inaction on the planet?
It is in all Species interest that we ask and find the answers and solutions to such questions.Be the cure , not the cancer...
We must look from the Micro to the Macro.Infinite to the infintesimal and back again to find the solutions to all these questions that affect our space /time and sustainability on this world/Home planet...
The Earth will Live on with or without us...Other life will flourish ..It is Us who have separted ourselves from our animal past inorder to become independent from our mother earth. However, we must never forget that no matter what we do .How we choose to move forward/Evolve/use our technological tools......We are still very vulnerable and fragile inhabitants of this living, dynamic ,organizing planet, we call home...We are dependent on this Earths life giving systems..
Pollution /waste control , and how we choose to live,sustain,respect,understand ourselves as well as our home, Earth ..Will be a large factor in determining how long we live, and how we prosper now and into the future, on this one of a kind,life giving planet..
Trusted /Respected Science and Scientists look to find the answers and solutions to these questions of concern..As Ignorance and self interest will work to destroy everything for more $$ and instant self gratification..
Economics needs Ecology ..Ecology doesn't need Economics .Civilized Evolving Humans need both....
Green/Clean tech...Promises the best future for all..
Climate Change/ Global warming, are just a couple ,of many, "Green" issues...The Green Movement and other Concerned , Caring Citizens are fueled forward by..
.....When a growing ammount of heavily industrialized/polluting Countries can interrupt natural weather (say by making it rain or by increasing smog ),using unnatural human interventions/invention .How does this affect natural weather patterns,climate and ultimately our ecological system/Our Survival?...How does smog affect the Earths natural dynamic system /Ecology/Us..?..Should we make it rain if we can above the desert?.Can we actually Control the weather?.. These are just a couple of vital questions that we dependent on/dependence of, this Planet should be able to answer .
The Ultimate questions we all need to ask and understand inorder to ensure our survival are..How do humans affect the Planet..How do we sustain our existence while reaching for properity ?
It's not just about Global warming/Climate change .These are just a couple,of many "Green" Issues The "Green" Movement and other Concerned ,Caring Citizens are fueled forward by.
There is climate change .No doubt.It Obvious ..I believe there is both unnatural warming as well as cooling affecting this earth .Increasingly having to do with us Humans, and our wasteful ignorance of /serparation from ,our surrounding (Local to Global )environment .To What extent?... is always the question..
Climate Change / Global Warming , will prove itself . Whether we choose to understand or ignore our affect on this planet / our place in it /beyond it.Solve the problems.Embrace the solutions and act on them .Will be what determines our success/sustainabity/prosperity and ultimate survival on this Planet Earth and Beyond... Now and into the future..
Doing nothing and opposing everything ,is not an option..
In the end we are only hurting ourselves if we don't learn the truths, and find more sustainable ways of doing things..
Green/Clean Tech holds the most promising possibilites , answers and solutions, for the future and the betterment of all..Minus all the excuses and Fabricated B.S....
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Ottawa starves climate critics of cash on eve of eco-summit - -

Emission cuts on target - - Emission cuts on target..

Flaherty's office targeted | Canada | News | Toronto Sun - Flaherty's office targeted ..Protesters demand action on Climate

Denmark: 65 world leaders for UN climate summit - (external - login to view)

Home - COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 (external - login to view)

The Climate Group | News and Events | Climate Leaders Summit 2009 (external - login to view)
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Time to clean up your act dirty Polluting Grey Gov/Biz

Again, Green /Clean Tech is a Solution...Where Clutter ,Confusion and Chaos is reduced..Everything is made with Clean Energy, using Good, re-useable ,usefull Information .The rest ,is recycleable waste..
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Greenpeace protests expanding Canadian oil sands *| (external - login to view) News - Climate change

Star joins global climate crusade -

Climate Change Science Moves from Proof to Prevention: Scientific American (external - login to view)

Extreme Ice Survey :: Home Page (external - login to view)

Rick Sanchez: Blog Archive - Global warming: Fiction or Fact? - Blogs from (external - login to view)

The Skeptics vs. the Ozone Hole : Weather Underground (external - login to view) - Hmmm - Some of the same climate change deniers ,once doubted cfc's were causing Ozone depletion ..
Climate plan?.What are Canada's priorities? ..Where is the plan?

20% reductions by 2020 to 1990 levels...Need a plan with No excuses..

Canadians and apparently everyone else on the planet are choking on oil sands...Drowning in Tar ponds..

Alberta's Oil Sands : (external - login to view)

Sierra Club of/du Canada Prairie Chapter (external - login to view)

CBC News Indepth: Tar Ponds

Climate Action Network Canada (external - login to view)

Green Countries | WhiteFence Home Services Blog (external - login to view)

Canada's Action on Climate Change - Climate Change (external - login to view)

Cities hold key to green dream -

In regards to the Canada's oil sands and other heavy polluting industry . It would appear the Canadian Conservative Government has no real plan of Going Green or Clean Tech...No Real plan as to how the Canadian Conservative Government would Clean up it Oil sands Act...Not even a Solid Clean Tech plan?....Very Unfortunate..Time to Clean up your act Canadian Conservatives...You've stalled long enough..Time for a Real Action Plan ..

It seems to me like the Conservatives would give away all that is Canada and Truly Canadian Just to protect their precious oil sands....Give it all .. For nothing ..There is just simply something wrong with our Canadian Government ..Wish I could pin down exactly what it is...They just don't seem ,"Canadian" to me....
Oilsands will cost Canada greatly, at the expense of Canadians..
So who does the Government Work for?/Who Employs the Government ?

-------------------------------- (external - login to view) - Using lake Ontario water to cool buildings ...Now if only they would add a process that would clean the water at the same time...That's good progress..

CBC News - Art & Design - Prix de Rome winners to study housing for a northern climate - Real estate firms are beginning to see the light ..getting into solar power

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#136 (external - login to view) - Green/Clean tech

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