#91 It's Not Easy Being Green. What about those CFB --Energy Efficient Light Bulbs? Green Dream or Nightmare? Huge response to this story on Charles Adler-Corus Radio Network (external - login to view)

Am 640 toronto- charles adler -

I would change the "IT's not easy being green " to it's very easy being green ..If gov's and Big biz would get with the times and just let it be! CFL Mercury Light Bulbs (external - login to view)


I use these bulbs ..They work fine..
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So you like renewables eh. i do to, but only for residential and small commercial purposes. Big factory wind and solar are a nice notion and they scratch our eco itch but they aren't practical. Nuclear emits no carbon while producing energy. Now that is a viable option for industrial power sourcing.
Renewables along with conservation have become the focus, in Ontario, while the decision on nuclear is sitting on the fence for the time being. The big price tag is not the issue so much as how the bill will be paid between province vs. fed.
Nuklear power would be fine if they could ship the waste to the sun.
Actually cliff what we should be doing is following France and china and start recycling the waste.
What is needed is a balanced energy plan..1 energy over the others gives too much control to polluters.Greedy /dirty Biz..Like the kinda control big oil has over the world..That is why I created this site..Every energy has their problems.Some way more than others.(solar is good, new kenetic energy looks promising with new tech).The solution is to hold poluters accountable for their pollution..If they won't take it upon themselves to find better ,more efficient ways to do things..They should be first ..Given incentives..then pushed ..then forced ..There are many new clean technologies out there(over flooding )..It is time we find a "green" energy plan that ensures sustainability ,instead of continuing toignoring the problems....

Having said that ..I believe we are close to Peak oil ,If we haven't already hit it(last year)..Soon Big oil will have no choice but to change...Some are starting already..(BP) ..My problem with these big businesses going green ..Is I am still not sure whether to trust them or not..Want to see results..not talk..

Time to buy those scrubbers ..Clean up their mess...

It's about respecting your surroundings, respecting your neighbours..And being conscience of the mess you make then doing what you can to clean it up...

Like cleanin your house/your room/your car.....I'm not a neat freak but I don't see how people can live in a cluttered filthy mess...Just Stinks ,causes depression and illness...Feel much better when the right thing is done..

While some greedy big biz /self interested gov continue to ignore the problems the green/clean tech ideas and realities build ..Until eventually these polluters are overwhelmed by the truth..And are forced to change...

Beware "Green Washing " people who pose as "green" ,yet represent dirty biz/gov..inorder to curb the momentuum of green/clean tech...It is here to stay...Out with the ol' oil with the new...Green/clean tech ways ...

Green/clean technology is the future..
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See greenfish66 i get what your saying yet how do you propose we base-load renewables (wind, solar, geothermal)? Good intentions aren't going to solve our energy problems if we don't get pragmatic about what needs to be done. France uses nuclear to power 80% of its energy gird. In Canada with out hydro-electric capabilities we should be looking to nuclear to make up about the same amount. If we did this we would have a carbon free national energy grid. That is eco-pragmatism, not weak-willed idealism.
Many examples to give..but 1 is the German energy model.They have a good mix of renewables in their market .I read about it a while ago somewhere..I'll see If I can't find more info for you...

Where there's a will ,there's a way..Having said that..Where there is no will...They WILL be forced to change, when there is no other WAY ...It is quicky approaching.

It is good to see Ontario/Quebec/B.C./Nova Scotia /Toronto (many)starting to see the GREEN/Clean tech light..Green /clean tech is a must in this Global era...
China ,India some claim will be the next big market force...I would agree ..but only if they change their way now to more sustainable market models ...The same ol same ol will get them nowhere fast...I believe many are conscious of this fact yet still tend (force market trends) to turn a blind eye..

I=PAT stands for Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology (environmental impact)

I=PAS stands for Impact = Population x Affluence / Sustainable Technology

I PAS = Green/Clean technology...

I started this site as Green/tech ...I quickly changed my model to green/clean tech after I started to see all the facts...

Strange...Running the world off over run, ol broken down reactors/ignoring the alarms have proven to be too dangerous.!.Although they don't release as many toxins into the air..They have a huge downside ...Radio active waste...Sure there are cleaner ways to run reactors with out as much waste(that is the trick).But there are betterways to ensure a sustainable future.

SOME nuclear power(although I don't support it).. will be part of any balanced energy mix...
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Most of these issues stem from a book I found interesting Common Wealth " by Jeffrey Sachs..Figured I follow up/keep track of some of the interesting stuff I found so far..

Fischer–Tropsch process - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view) - The principal purpose of this process is to produce a synthetic petroleum (external - login to view) substitute, typically from coal (external - login to view), natural gas (external - login to view) or biomass (external - login to view), for use as synthetic lubrication oil (external - login to view) or as synthetic fuel (external - login to view)

CITES-listed species database (external - login to view) - great site..species data bank..

NC Millennium Village Project (external - login to view) - Millenium village project ..Sets goals to help curb poverty

UN Millennium Project | Welcome to Our Historic Site (external - login to view) - There he is, professor Jeffrey Sachs ..Good man/Great mind!

Peter Vitousek Biography - Childhood hobby becomes lifelong passion (external - login to view) great ecologist

The Vitousek Lab (external - login to view) - great work
Most have seen the light is green..but for the few still too blind to see.due to harmful smoke and smog .There is always the hard way...!

Here are Some ways being used to ensure polluters change their harmful ways.. (if they choose to ignore the realities)

1. Tax on harmful emmisions

2. Issuing permits for polluting emmisions - Clean Air Act | US EPA

3. Make Hard laws to reduce emmisons - Protocol to Abate Acidification, Eutrophication and Ground-level Ozone (external - login to view)

ENDS Europe | Draft UN climate negotiation texts emerge (external - login to view)

4. "zoning" ...

Making the change to green/clean technologies far cheaper than the alternative...All prosper/profit and into the future ...Even if some are to blind to see beyond the short term reachings of markets and instant gratification /greed...
Everyone have a good weekend .Enjoy your surroundings /The environment/The great outdoors.Just remember to wash your hands and clean up.Before and after you go in or out...
Some plumbing problems in space! ....13 ppl up there!..

So which way does the toilet flush in space?...Thought they recycled and used that stuff for food?.. ...This is a very valuable study of interest for my green/clean tech thread..People seem to dump it and forget...Toronto is beginning to get the bigger picture of waste managment...PU!

Astronauts Troubleshoot Waste and Hygiene Compartment
Sun, 19 Jul 2009 10:10:21 -0500

International Space Station flight controllers and crew members are troubleshooting a problem with the Waste and Hygiene Compartment (WHC), the toilet in the U.S. Destiny module. It is one of two toilet systems aboard the space station. Initial indications are that the liquid separator is flooded. The WHC was delivered to the station on STS-126 and installed later by the station crew.

While an inconvenience, this is not a serious issue. Temporarily, the six station crew members all will use the facilities in the Russian Zvezda module and the seven space shuttle Endeavour astronauts will use the shuttle facilities, the Waste Collection System, or WCS.

Waste and Hygiene Compartment Update
Sun, 19 Jul 2009 15:43:13 -0500

Earlier today, the U.S. Waste and Hygiene Compartment (WHC) was shut down after a malfunction. The WHC is the toilet in the U.S. Destiny laboratory, one of two toilet systems aboard the International Space Station. Currently, station crew members are using the Russian Zvezda bathroom while shuttle astronauts are using the shuttle system.

The WHC’s Dose Pump failed after running for about 15 minutes. About six liters of pre-treat flush water is believed to have flowed into the pump separator and into other areas it should not be. Ground experts have decided to replace sections of the system with spare parts that are on orbit, and that work will be started this afternoon.

Meanwhile, STS-127 Mission Specialist Koichi Wakata repaired the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device, or ARED, with a new “dashpot,” a shock absorber that helps prevent the vibrations caused by exercise from interfering with science experiments.
TG Daily - Charge your cell phone using kinetic energy (external - login to view)

I like the idea of kenetic power being used to recharge batteries on technology like lap tops/cell phones/other gadgets...

Back packers /Bikers/environmental researchers, people who ejoy gettin lost in the environment ...would stand to gain the most from these new technologies..

Many great ideas and inventions just waiting for more investors to catch on to ..And they are quicker than ever before.. ..

Have a great day ...L8R

Thanks for reading ..Hope you enjoy
Wouldn't it be great if we could just scrub and clean away those nasty c02 emmisions .Have them all vanish without harm into thin air..but until then here's some new "CLEANER" tech ways given it a shot ..

Micro-Algae In CARS Will Clean Up Tar Sands, Suck CO2, Make Biofuel, Save World : TreeHugger (external - login to view)

CO2 Scrubber Captures Greenhouse Gases (external - login to view)

Scrubbing CO2 With Synthetic Trees - Green Inc. Blog - (external - login to view)

Yeah ..I thought there would be more ways to clean up co2 too ..I'll keep looking ..The problem with finding good ways to clean up co2 emissions is there seems to be no political /big biz interest /no demand.No $$$ in it ..Governments have got to give incentives / push /enforce new regulations through whatever means necessary ...Or new cleaner technologies will stall before they even start...We need to find better ways to remove co2 and other harmful emmisions from our breathing air.More than ever before we need to push ol school govs and big biz to change their ol' dirty polluting ways and switch to cleaner alternatives .Invest more in Clean/Green R&D ..The science and inventions are there..The technology is available ..So lets implement/invest/buy these new Clean technologies now..It's always better than later..Later is too late..

Green/clean technology is the future.. So what are we waitng for..
..Conservation biology ?.Assisted Migration? .There's more to iTt. ALL, than 1 might think!.
Watched this story on CBC last night ...Just had to comment on it...It is a great issue to discuss

Changing Climate, Changing Trees | CBC News:The National


 Environmental scientists already know the how deep this issue can go...But, I feel ,most would mostly agree .

Let nature be, to evolve naturally .Cuz In the end, although some have/ will try .You can't manage Ecology..

Interfereing/relocating /over assisting, always causes problems..For both the naturally occuring wildlife and the introduced wildflife..

Studying /testing science is fine in designated study areas, where surrounding environment is not affected and is closely monitored ..For educational purposes..

1 case at a time..

We should not introduce new species, plant life ,trees or any foreign life, to an area, where it has not naturally evolved into the environment(humans exempt to a point.Only if they want to be here,Are willingly to adapt,.and get along peacefully with their new surroundings..(That's another, yet relatable issue..Separation /individuality or assimilation ?.1 person at a time /we All join together ...There is always a balance to be found and sustained ).


Most wildlife that has been introduced has almost always had negative affects on the natural surrounding environment..Not to mention on the species or life that has been introduced.......Let nature do it's job...People can not play mother nature.or god.! ..Assisted migration does not work..!

You can study ecology, you can not manage ecology!.( although my wildlife/ ecology managment diploma says different .Heading was later changed to wildlife/ecology studies/environmental science.So ,I am 1 of few with a diploma that says I can manage the ecology..I try not to let it go to my head .lol...) .
Anyone is free to Check past attempts.Study ,experiment(if qualified/be careful!) in closed /controlled areas..But you will find..Introducing new wildlife, never works..!

Having said that .In my own personal opinion /for what it's worth/.Under my own closer study ..I believe/feel, We should assist naturally occuring life to re-establish it's natural roots/ it's natural balance , only if it has been proven, with out doubt , we Humans caused the destruction ,and the species or life can be reintroduced, with little or no continous assistance..(global warming doubters /polluting conservatives eat these environmental issues up..Try to use them as a wedge between green scientists/politicians..pull us apart.) It is a real debate in environmental green politics.Should we help or shouldn't we?.Yes there are right and left ,right and wrong greens .( I am more right .lol.)

This is a great debate to have, but environmentalists/greens/scientists should be sure not to be torn apart, from outside opposition, that has no interest in environmental issues, only in partisin politics...They say never mix religion/politics/science but that's where all the good stuff is...!

Again in my opinion

Religion- past of ITt
Politics - The now/present state of ITt
Science - future of ITt ..

Or whatever!...

Some food for thought

Sorry ..Now , where was I , gotta get back on track ,.Let me continue!..Find some kinda conclusion . (lol)

Studying ecology is fine..Interfereing /or playing with mama nature /with the natural ecology, as any real scientist knows . finds you troubles/conflict/problems..More so ..If you don't know what your doing ./if you don't Try to cover all the angles .!

... If We(humans) know ,without a doubt that we are negatively affecting an area ..We should do what we can to ensure we keep the Natural balance of the environment..Assist/ give the wildlife a caring push to sustainability, if/where needed...After that,we must Leave the wildlife to fend for itself..Find it's own way in nature ,as hard as that, sometimes, might be..

Thanks for reading my spew..

1 peace / or in pieces ..

I will Almost always choose


Wrote this on the run..So forgive the grammer..

Gotta fly..
Over and outta here ..for now!
EcoCAR Challenge (external - login to view) -Ecocar challenge

Jesse James' hydrogen-powered land speed record claim comes under assault - MotorAuthority (external - login to view) - Jesse james is a deadman beats landspeed record using hydrogen power ..Of course he did..But did he really ?..
Out of all the accidental forest fires in ______ how many became residential,commercial , industrial area afterward ?Hmmmm
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CNN Tech - Power walker (external - login to view) - power walker ... cool invention ..still a little too bulky ..but it is the future ...Charge your phone /lap top ..from anywhere ..Now that's cool green/clean tech ...
Seal hunt protesters disrupt House - no comment

Greenpeace Report - Alberta Tar Sands Are Causing An Environmental Threat | Green Company Canada (external - login to view)
Here's some various articles that may be of interest - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Global Warming Causes Outbreak of Rare Algae Associated With Corals, Study Finds - US National Science Foundation (NSF) -Global Warming Causes Outbreak of Rare Algae Associated With Corals, Study Finds

Penn State Live - Research finds dramatic biological responses to Arctic warming (external - login to view) - Research finds dramatic biological responses to Arctic warming

Institute of Arctic Biology - News Releases (external - login to view) - UA scientists seek new emphases in Arctic climate change research

News Release - New robot travels across the seafloor to monitor the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems (external - login to view) - New robot travels across the seafloor to monitor the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - The Arctic Offers More Evidence of Human Influences on Climate Change - US National Science Foundation (NSF) - The Arctic Offers More Evidence of Human Influences on Climate Change - Funding - Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Program - US National Science Foundation (NSF) - Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Program - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Scientists Find "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch" - US National Science Foundation (NSF) - Scientists Find "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Connections among Solar Cycle, Stratosphere and Ocean Discovered - US National Science Foundation (NSF) - Connections among Solar Cycle, Stratosphere and Ocean Discovered

Willamette University - Unlocking Secrets of Evolution (external - login to view) - Professor and Students Unlock Secrets of Co-evolution

Cornell Chronicle: Carbon nanotubes could make efficient solar cells (external - login to view) - Carbon nanotubes could make efficient solar cells

Shaking the Earth: Just Add Water - University of Utah News Release: August 5th, 2009 (external - login to view) - Shaking the Earth: Just Add Water..
How H2O Helps Tectonic Plates Slide in New Zealand

Greenversations When Technical Folks Don’t Understand Radiation… - When Technical Folks Dont Understand Radiation


Keep your head up High ...Feet on the ground

Have a good weekend ..
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Hope Baby boomers have a good public health care plan and pension when they retire..especially in China./India .

If every baby boomer consumer in America had 2 kids ,their kids have 2 kids .What will the population of China be ?..(hmmmm?)

What will the jobs of the future look like? ...

What will the unemployment rate be in the next new world economy ?.( break it up into countries - communities where necessary)

Populations have a tendency to even themselves out over time, calculable using known variables, to a suprising degree of accuracy..?

It is the questions that we ask and solve locally / globally, now, together,today, that will see us all live more effeciently/effectively/peacefully tommorow.. as we all work together toward a sustainable future..

A balanced Green/Clean tech plan will ensure we can all prosper into that sustainability . Green/clean tech will help bring us the faith /the confidence/ the ability , to keep moving positively forward ,forever into that great bright beyond......The futures so bright, _________...

Green/Clean Tech will help to ensure the most inclusive/ clearest/cleanest path is taken ( So we Don't trample over grandmas tulips/pops garden or mama natures wild life )as we strive toward a sustainable /prosperous future for all who share this planet .. Be them great or small..

Sure There are always others choices/options, like doing nothing ..or whatever...
But of course ,I personally , like the Green/clean tech option better ..

The trick is to look at today's world as if we were at War. Every material is precious - every factory needs to squeeze as much as possible out of a BTU - every square inch of bare land needs a tree or a plant on it. Every flat roof top needs a lawn or a garden. Housing and factories can be built together. People will buy electric low speed vehicles because they are cheap and good for urban areas, we just need permission to buy them. The oil sands are needed to help us transition towards peak oil. Take them out now and get ready for $150/bbl oil and the extra cash going to an area of the planet that wants to kill us quicker than our smokestacks will. Packaging prevents waste from damage and spoilage - use it wisely and recycle things amongst our borders instead of shipping these resources offshore along with the jobs that go with it.
Good Green puts money in our pockets - Bad Green takes it out at a far greater level than the value it gives back. Every 100 acre solar farm is 100 acres of food production lost. Biofuels from food sources means someone is going hungry or unhoused. 100's of acres of greenhouses can be built next to factories with process heat loss. Electric Street Cars can share the road rather than having to build new ones - Hwy H2O is an energy and cost effective mover of freight. Revive the rails and drive them North. Global Carbon tax to prevent oil spikes and feed the needy and the government coffers. The world is about to get a whole lot smaller - We need to get a whole bunch smarter. And I am not talking half sized German gars either.
We can't let big polluting countries make climate change policies for all...

All are involved and are responsible for thier actions in this global climate,on this planet earth.Smaller developing countries should ,together, be able to hold the larger ones accountable to climate change and other planetary responsibities.

All can and will benefit from green/clean technology .
Well said Mit
Guy laliberte -Cirque du space.- Cirque du Soleil founder -Another great Canadian goin to space on his Poetic social mission ..Moving stars and earth for water..Have a great trip Guy !.

MOVING STARS AND EARTH FOR WATER | ONE DROP Foundation (external - login to view)

Canadian circus tycoon makes journey into space | Top News | Reuters (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

Try to bring a bit of humour to Mr. Thirsk would ya..He could probably use a laugh or two by now. Don't forget the red nose..!.

Take Lots of pictures..
The Business of Innovation, Business, Future, Vision, Healthcare, Global, Economy, Cities, Business Leaders, Planet - (external - login to view) - CNBC =- The Business of Innovation - The new education tool belt...

Very informative ,forward looking show..

Liked the Futuristic look at education ...High Tech virtual Education learning is here now .Let's add it to the mainstream mix..Add it to the "New education tool belt"
Climate change has been proven over and over again..Answers depend on the area being studied and the time period..97% of Climatologists who study this stuff for a living say we humans are affecting this planet and that there is global warming..97% of climatologists say global warming is occurring and caused by humans (external - login to view)

Who is saying climate change /glabal warming caused by humans doesn't exsist?

Regarless of all the he said she said ..The bigger issue is respecting your surrounding environment ,this 1, and so far only habitable planet we live on.

Can't drink the water if it is poison ..Can't eat the food if it is diseased..Can't live very long if the air is unbreathable..Temp goes up 5 - 10 degrees over the norms we all get sick and die..Unless we can sustain ourselves long enough to implement green/Clean technologies ,find that equalibrium as well as Find another planet to live on ..

Sustainability .

Green/clean technology
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#118 - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Arctic Lake Sediment Record Shows Warming, Unique Ecological Changes in Recent Decades - US National Science Foundation (NSF)

Feds designate polar bear habitat in Alaska *| (external - login to view)
Algae may be secret weapon in climate change war
MIAMI (AFP) – Driven by fluctuations in oil prices, and seduced by the prospect of easing climate change, experts are ramping up efforts to squeeze fuel out of a promising new organism: pond scum.
As it turns out, algae -- slimy, fast-growing and full of fat -- is gaining ground as a potential renewable energy source.
Experts say it is intriguing for its ability to gobble up carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, while living happily in places that aren't needed for food crops.
Algae likes mosquito-infested swamps, for example, filthy pools, and even waste water. And while no one has found a way to mass produce cheap fuel from algae yet, the race is on. "I think it's very realistic. I don't think it's going to take 20 years. It's going to take a few years," said chemical engineer George Philippidis, director of applied research at Florida International University in Miami. (external - login to view)

'Flash mob' screams for action on climate -

Climate change protest...Better quit ignoring Canadians Conservative Government..Your grey Agenda doesn't represent the Majority ..Remember you are in a minority..!

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