1 eye on the others open

2009 should be the year of natural wonders.huh?..A year where we open our eye's to the world that's encircles and surrounds us.Let's focus on the earth and what we have become from it!.There are Many Things to be thankful for...(A new year for 1!)..A year ,where instead of adding more problems to the problems ..To raise a dollar!.> Try to think more positive...

What can we do to make things better?.Raise a cheer..Have more fun on less...

What are the solutions ?...What is best for now ,for the future..for mine , for yours, for everyone?.

This may seem impossible ,but for me it is reality.The pursuit of happiness, makes reality that much clearer...For better and for worse..but surely for the better...(who said "it was the best of times ...it was the worst of times..surely the best of times!"..That's the kinda thing I'm talkin about!).

Now as much as I hope , all of my friends /family and other good people, find good health/happiness /Prosperity/ a safe place to live(and all that)! ..It saddens me to say, that TRUE Happiness , will be (ALMOST) impossible this year, for investors/politicians and businesses who gamble on bad news, bet on bad days, then whine and dine for their money back, when they loose, "BIG TIME"!..Don't letm bring you down.!....Don't gamble in casino's or places the government runs for profit!.!!.It's no fun at all..lol..unless of course , it makes you happy.You happy.?.I'm happy..he looks happy..Her...She's always happy for some reason!(?)...

Now please..,Don't kick dirt or step on those who have fallen .Reach out .. !..Givem a hand up. If they'll drop they're cold dead cash to take it!..Say .."Hey, come on...It's time to get up!..let's go..Gotta get up! .Time to move on.. move along..yesterdays gone..dust yourself off"...then point to the sign on the wall that reads."..There's No loitering around here!>."... so get movin!!...lol .

Over and otta here 4 now!.


Remember ..What don't kill you. Only makes you stronger!.As long as you learn from other peoples mistakes before your own!..And all that kinda jargon!..lol...

..My point?..Tryn be happy..enjoy things...In the end....When all is said and done....It's only as bad as you make it!.4 yourself and everyone!..It will get better..I promise you this .....But yes, it can get worse.... !.Your choice is that..not mine!....

-Lotto scams(entertainment/fair gaming)-time lotto pays more back overall..smaller jackpots for more people!..

- palestinians and israeli Canadians should all be standing together to show how it is possible to live in one peaceful country!...I don't think I would lke to live in Gaza!..Why bother?...Sadness and misery is all you'll find there!..>Why should leaders care?

-All the best goes to the travolta family in there time of loss..Remember all the good times as you heal and move on!

-Burris will make a great senator..far better than the others who would also ,give it all , to be a senator..We just give senator jobs away , here , in Canada..Even when the house is prorogued...Isn't this illegal?...So much for G.G. and senate reform.

-Doesn't Blagojevich look a bit like Travolta...eery

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Consevatives and Liberals are on listening tours...Excellent idea...Takes a lot to listen, without speaking out of time... Harder for leaders who don't use the internet!

Obama is right on track to being the best president ever!.I like everything he is saying so far...I think with the support of the people it is all possible ..

..Regan was the first president I really remember.The Clinton smile.aah yes..you know what !?...I kinda like them all...Even Bush ..and I Don't quite know why.??..lol....

Oh, I know why ..Cause they are the leaders..Like m or not...They have been in the center(centre) of something bigger ,Much larger than life... They have been with true power...They brought
us along as opposed to leading us along ...They connected it all ,,,to something far greater ,than simply you or I ..They've moved US All ! Like it or not..
Please see ...Green/technology...."eye on auto"....For big spew on big auto "PROBLEMS")?)
Shoes have become the ominpresent requirement for humanity's ills.

Forever, and here we go again, do not boldy perceive reality.

Obama's comin to canada first...That's good news!
Good comment Tenpenny
Leaders must always remember(most know)..You can't BE true power.Only with power ,or along with power!.....We all make reality.You make who you are ,but others and the environment also form your future)..more so in a real working democracy!U know..absolute power corrupts absolutely.....If 6 billion people chose 1 leader..He/she would be WITH true power...It is the closest anyone could get to being ALL powerful..WITHOUT being..GOD(or whatever you call iTt...

Anyway having said that to the bosses and leaders ,for wahtever reason ... Heres another possible solution to our economic problems ...

How about ...Employee appreciation year!..Allow workers to vote on 3 best workers in their work area....At end of month allow workers to pick 3 from the shortened list each month..until the employee of the year is found....These leading workers will get benefits and bonuses....perhaps a raise and choice of work, for a given ammount of time....Free car?,,,Something....Want both guarantee production and quality...incentives inspire team work...

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Obama's comin to canada first...That's good news!

Well you'll have to wait and see....lol...I am hopin' for a green energy plan ,few more breaks for "the people"...and perhaps some more on a green accord....I think Obama is on the right track to re-enforcing the neglected middle class ...Their is a huge void to fill ..Fix years of abuse in our democratic systems..Restore our bond as The.U.S' best friend and ally..I am expecting a lot, because I think Obama can do it!..Although I never get my hopes to high,,.I think he is up to the task..We will have to wait and see...lol
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Of course ,so far ,it is up to Harper to decide what he will choose on behalf of Canadians to discuss with Obama...Wish that was a good thing...Not so sure he is listening to what anyone but his own interests are saying..We'll see!....Probably be another spring election!
I hope the downturn in the economy all over the world shows people that they must
pay down their debt, and live a simpler life, don't 'want' such extravegance, be
happy with less, simpler houses, smaller vehicles, a more human experience, without the competetive wanting to be better than your neighbour, show your
neighbour 'that less is more.'
well said talloola
----Check out the "better theory about coal "thread...It's boomin!

---- Green/technology thread is always a good one too....lol
Steve Jobs...Take some time get some rest...see ya soon...Your are truly a Great man....Greater than Mr.Gates???..After weighing all the strengths and weaknesses ...Equal...lol...

U.S news...Former treasury secretary will stay if Timothy Geithneris outted...No due dilegence on this guy?..Hillary was put through the ringer but Geithner had no background check?...Accusations against Geithner seem good enough to cause him to loose his seat ,but not to cause any long term damage to his reputuation...Sounds funny to me....Go figure...Economic bail out is lookin more and more like a big pyramid scam everyday...hhmmmmm

--I like what I heard today from the Canadian Mayors and premiers.....My hope is that Harper doesn't use this Infrastructure money as a carrot infront of voters and fellow politicians....If this is a game to win an election it will back fire!////Anyone can promise money and not mean it!...Quicker the moneys out the better...

OMG. I can't take the spamming bloodshot eye!
It my journel thread...Your welcome to contribute if you like ...lol
Dark Beaver's -A better theory about coal...."The Electric Universe..."

D.B..You make a striking arguement for a unified theory through electro/magnetism...It will be at the center of my mind and thoughts as I continue to explore space in time .Already spend half my time there...lol..(some would say).You have planted a seed and sparked my interest in the "Electric-Universe theory".
Dark Beaver"One simple electrical model fits all galaxies naturally". Electric Galaxies (external - login to view)

I like that quote


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exactly, why?
WWOOOOOO -WOOOOO .....chugga chuggaa .....WOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOO..!!..

Here he comes!!...............................

The main man, makin history,..as he Confidently Walks toward a country, calling his name ..An Optimistic proponent for positive change..

A heroic icon championing a better way, another way ..but won't run away! .Bringing with him(not only his family but)true family values and a fresh new way of thinking to the political theatre ..the world stage !

..For 1 ,for all and with all!......................................

1 Large step forward , for the people ..1 Great leap,(slam dunk lol) for Kind Humans!!

So.....without any future delay....! Kind Humans and Human kinds alike ....Let's all Stand(in the freezin cold) and give a warm...... ,no,.....A feverish round of applause For !!! ................

The 44 President of the U.S.A.............


44. Should be the number on his Basket ball jersey.lol!

...Inauguration is time for Celebration.!. A day to put negativity out of our minds for at least a couple days..or two! ......True ....It's Almost time to Move positively forward, hit the road runnin, but first.. A BIG PARTY!!!!!.. ..We'll Take a day or so to recover..>Drink some water> Do some warm ups/few stretchs..And hit the road runnin again!..lol...Remember to drink responsibly...Plenty of warm liquids.....Dress warm.It's frigin' frigid out there !........

WWWOOOOOOOO,,,WOOOOOOOOO,,,!!!PARTYYY at OBAMA's House ...Everyones invited...! ! !. (Is it beginning to warm up around here or is it just me.?.(sniffle,sniffle).Must be me..cause I'm the only one here...Unfortunatley I'm not there!).....Anyway ...Let's here it for muti-media!..

-----AH yes ....I can feel it now!!....Things R beginning to heat up.... !.. The party's just startin !...You can not only feel the energy in the air !..you can see the energy in the air!!...

So Let's Enjoy this momentous, monumentous day, as a new era of welcome change begins....

Not only for the U.S.A and it's closet friends and allies(hmmm...mmm(Canada)) .

But hopefully a new Peaceful and Prosperous global era, for all, who share in this 1, the hope for peace in the world around us! .........

There's A new face of America...Standing at the top of the hill... Tall (but not too tall)on this Political Planet!.

Your New Prezzzzzzzident of the United states of America!! .


I am Thank-ful for this space in time....!


Pavin over the pestimism ,makin way for Hope, change and Optimism!..

(Ok..Ok..I'll stop with the catchy Obama slogans and ism's...... for now!!)

I call them Obamanianismsssssssss'...(c) 2009....
.(awe...but come on !...I have a million of'm..)

Now to the realizm... Let the work begininizzm!!...lol..

Are Younions in Crisis'?

Unions gotta quit blamin a "crisis" for all the auto sectors problems ..Whether you saw it comin or not?....This " Economic Crisis' " is not to blame for everything..Personally I don't think it is to blame for anything?? ...Hasn't negatively affected me, any more or less, than usual ..Although, For any who are truly suffering, from any financial difficulties..Past, present or future . May you Move positively forward with optimism, as you work toward a properous/happy/healthy /safe future...Labour Unions are entangled in worm holes .Business loop holes that have managed to tie Peoples hands behind their backs..Ripping and tearing up any usefulness from that little C.A. booklet .Like it or not!...

You want something done properly?...Ya Gotta do it yourself! .

Do your own research..Work with your company...Using your skills and abilities (the internet)to Make your own future.Team work get's us to share in goals faster and enjoy the benefits longer..!...Don't rely on unions to represent your interests ,,They can't...This So called "Crisis'" only sped up the inevitable.Brought reality and hopefully some honesty back into the economic numbers..Was a long 7-10 yrs!..

What have we learned ?.Don't trust Greedy, Money , hungry Politicians/Big Bad bully business bosses/ Simply Self interested , infectuous, self invested investors!!,....Some float ,some sink..Some make it..Unfortunatley more don't..But everyone deserves a fair chance/a valuble voice/A listening ear..Hopefully there are safety precedures set up, at the right place, and the proper time to help catch those who need it most!..

Seems to me that Auto companies ask for money every year!...G.M(auto company).. has been headed for broke as long as I can remember.Is this not true?..1st car I owned was a 1991 Pontiac ....with a Quad 4 Motor... Cracked open 3 months after I bought it ...Transmission went not too long after that...Was the 1st experience I had with my own vehicle...No mechanic wanted to even touch my car...Thanks for the memory Pontiac..But I don't blame Pontiac ,for me going broke as I struggled to make payments..lol...no ..Cuz it Wouldn't have made a hill of beans, regardless of how much I whinned and kicked the dirt..No ...I shoulda done my homework ...Oh well...,No use wasting time dwelling over past mistakes ...Pick up the pieces of scrap ..Recycle them .invent and enjoy a new green/technological way.Different motors,new ways..create more options!. Be thankful for what you got..The wonderous world around you !...and the money ya get back for scrap..lol....

Gotta reach for the stars...Enjoy the living, you are making !..Cuz It's too far to fall,and there's still so far we can go....
So let's keep movin on,,movin up .,movin forward..Move it out .lol...(and all those other foward movin,future lookin, action words.!.)

Over and out there from here...

(external - login to view)...What an idea.!.A cool and collective callage!. .a Memorable masterpiece 4 sure!...
Obama is the first president my son will remember.He asked a question the other day.."Who is that man on T.V.?".

I said ..."That's Obama ..President of the U.S.A"....He paused..After watching the T.V screen intently for a few seconds ,he looked over to me, drawing on great wisdom from his deep moment , in 7 yr old thought,... and said ..
"Oh...,That's the president....",,,Then he ran off to get a snack///...

The seed has been planted,,,It will grow for the next 8 yrs(safe bet) along with Obama's term..In some ,suttle ways shaping ,what he will think possible, in the future to come.... I just hope the tree of knowledge grows sweet fruit...prefered over sour grapes or bitter lemons.(although whinnin and bitterness has it place in the beverage business.I suppose)...I'll do my part at watering a positive/opptumistic point of view ...lol

Gettin good at it ..Had 3 years of dilluting my views about Harper?...With liquor and beer!...lol..come on !..it's a .jk..:]..(I hardly drink at all anymore)
If a Conservative bill fails to gain the confidence of the house ...Does that spark another election ?

Seem like an easy answer..


The papers have been signed for a coalition...A question sighned off on ,without an answer.....Guess we'll just have to wait and see...
Obama energy plan!>.

...Who is this guy?... Amazing ...Wow .!...Exactly..What I wanted to hear.. realistic goals..plans for a Balanced/sustainable energy plan.. ...Took the words right off my mind!...Mr.President ,sir,,your are my newest hero(Me pop's is me oldest..lol) !....Man!...Incredible....Too good to be true?..Off to an excellent start...With a great surge of energy and friendly nudge. He Hits the road runnin.. Urges us all forward!..

The marathon begins.. .At this moment..In the moment ..I am 100 % Canadian(33% with Harper) . ..to this point ..I am 110% Amercian!..
The Canadian throne speech sounded good...G.G..made an, alright speech, look better.(cause of a passionate eye...lol).

See, Mr.Harper..Why can't you say stuff like,G.G..and like that there, Obama president, next door does.? lol...
.Baird gives an example of a building that will attract tourism(which is good) .but.did't say it would be built with green effeciency..Nothing !.not on his mind at all..No new green/technology example.?. .Green infrastructure projects?.Balanced /sustainable green energy plan?..Lot's of Harper conservsative promises...but only Two choices,... Whip or Carrots?...and he won't say Carrot...Too "GREEN"

....Come on .Mr.Harper ...Just say GREEN once!..You say Green ..I'll say P.M.Harper..ok..lol..(say greenish/ grey if you prefer)....lol.....

I would like to compliment Mr.harper on his tie. Not a bad shade for you...Maybe borrow one of Flaherty's tie's 4 tommorow's speech..eh?...lol...

Go over Obama's speech a couple times ..He got the right idea!.lol
Soon we'll know 4 sure
Hmmm...Pay down debt on borrowed credit.?..Money saved on interest.....Or Invest billions now !...for a greater return later .??...hmmm...???...Doesn't sound like a crisis' to me..Sounds like the same ol' game o ..Smells like skunky ,stinky politicking....But not as bad as it used to...Let's look forward to tommorow!
Companies lay off ..Play hurt ,so they can get their hands on the money being thrown around,,,Big game ..Big pyramid scam...Don't be fooled...Save your money...Pay down debt...Gives you more money and control over your future...Don't need anymore insurance or Bank debt...Make them earn your business and labour, if they won't play fair!...Remember we are both the workers and the consumers...We may be at the bottom of the pyramid ..But we hold the base and two corners..lol
Atheist slogan writer talks about infamous bus ads // Current (external - login to view)

Free thought canada... contraversial ads on buses in calgary..."There's probably not a God, so stop worrying"

I Question those who don't believe in God(something greater/equal to ourself)....

If there isn't a God(whatever name you relate to iTt..I prefer God) ....Do you believe, we can create one?.

Should we?

Is it not, the only way, to know for sure?

Define God(ITt)?....What would ITt look like?..What would it encompass?.

I have faith in human /animals constantly evolving, to become, something greater, than the sum of their parts... Each 1 grows within.. and is allowed to expand out, in body/ mind/soul....More efficiently/effectively, when the path of least resistance, leads to the betterment of the whole.....

Noam Chomsky said something along the lines of "Animals to Angels"...we are animals trying to become angels..

Interaction.. sparks debate, brings positive change to the whole..and on it goes..Hopefully forever..

Ignorance sparks fear /Fear breeds hate ..... ..Fires left to burn.. Grow out of control always smoldering to ashes...And are simply , In its end....A waste of energy...For every 1..

Having faith in the future, is by far and wide, the safest/best bet...!..Long live the future..lol!

True..You must believe in yourself..but remember ,,There is a " whole "lotta/buncha others

It is The transfer of Energy and information proven real ..Makes truth!...

Even a rebelious musician, who believes his/her insturment is the best sound for the band(apparently vocalists believe this more than others..lol)Understands a good song, requires all instruments, working together, in tuned harmony..Even if you know how to play all the instruments at the same time,equally well.. Others, make it far easier, to play a hit song..live!..

Healthy Competition has its place in the appropriate arena ..As long as the Game is played With agreed upon rules, that respect and demand fair play for, and from all, who exist , in the affected environment ...Rated from G to 18+ accordingly...Everyone has the right to learn how to play the game of life...
Let's Find A Truth, that will help one, and all , succeed as Team *_____
* place team name here...(May I suggest team "G")lol

Win or loose ...Simply enjoy playing "the game of life".As Peacefully as possible.( the odd check or brawl is unfortunatley an unavoidable part of the game...) lol

Thank you for your time and this space..


Temper, Temper.ITt is what it is !

Obsolute zero or 1..both are required

Obama comin to Canada feb 16th

Obama will no doubt be flying over Canada ,talking energy /security and other important issues....I am glad Obama has choosen to come here first..Although I hope He and Mr.Harper will address the public to answer any questions..

Unfortuanatley ,I worry about any decisions Harper makes on in his own behind closed doors...No offence Obama
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Using history ,Can 1 really predict the future?

"Radio shack" became "The source.".Given the fact that "radio shack" was a bad name/image ..

Were certain parameters and criteria used in the creation of the new name, based on the flaws of the old..?.

.If so ..

Could you figure out the old name ,simply by knowing ,that the name had been changed?, to "the source"..?

What if you were given the parameters and criteria used in changing the name..without given the old name?


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