1 eye on the others open

W.H.O has the Swine flu/who has H1N1/Who has the Common Cold ?

Until there is a CURE 4 the Common Cold or 1 single flu vaccine.Flu shots will B contraversial.Work at Keepin a strong/healthy immune system

Until there is a CURE 4 the Common Cold or 1 single flu vaccine that works..Flu .Work at Keepin a strong/healthy immune system...
Harper/Mcguinty- Yeah!..Some infastructure//New roads for trains and automoblies..Right on(is this deal only if U get re-elected Mr Harper?....How about a lake shore Green/project with Mayor Miller?

Obama-Like your idea to clean up the great lakes..City folk could enjoy holidays by the Lakeshore both at home as well as at the Country cottage.Wouldn't have to travel so far for fresh air/clean water.Ah just imagine ...Is it a Dream?..Have to wait and see..
.Have a great weekend all..
Over and outta here..4 now

Tues. post long weekend rant!..

If there is no GOOD/FAIR employment..No government program in the world will do a thing..Time to cut all the useless programs that leave people unemployed,feeling helpless....

Time to go back to the old days..Employers train and hire workers themselves..No temps,No perks.Cut out the middle money pits,raise wages.. Or there will be no prosperous future for anyone..Regardless of education..

Canada is failing due to out of touch businesses /government greed..If there is work ,all the other problems will cure themselves!..No need for useless programs,bailouts, if there is no future plan to go after...

Constantly juggling people around the same ol system will do nothing for people who have nothing and no job..

If we give ALL the breaks to the few who can't, at the expense of those who do, and can...We will fall...We all fail..All the weight of the world will rely on the shoulders of the weaker, who don't know how to do any better!.
Fair does not mean equal....Fair means, if there are 60 jobs with training available.let 40-45 go to minorities/womens equality...not all!...Or we ALL Fail...
If husbands get layed off ...Single mothers need assistance. There will be no help from, or for single fathers.No matter how loud mothers cry for their checks.Kids will suffer in ripped Jeans and failing grades!
If wife cheats on husband....She still gets the house/car/ kids and all the money to run it!

Equality means less wages for everyone involved .Is this fair? It Is for employers and govs..not for workers.singles or senior pensions.
Time to wake up and run the country Canada, before we loose it...Slave drone labour with no perks, means Leaders and Big Businesses will be makin there own widgets...Nothin gets ya nothin' but a lot of green activists..(probably consider that terrorism)

Time for the union to grow some gonads and call on the wild cats...Time to call the bluff and see what's really goin on..Nothin to loose.Unions are useless with no position...Capone would be rollin in his grave..Just another hole in the middle..

Big Gov/Big Biz Time to clean up your act ..Time to start treating people like you like to be treated.Fairly..At least .
I am glad to hear about the Green/clean tech/energy plan Obama's promotin'.Maybe there's still a chance..Still some hope for the future..would be a Dream come true..
These are the real issues!....Same ol, same ol' won't work. a few will get everything ,the rest will won't be eligible for anything when they need it the most..We ALL fall...

Time for fairness/sensibilty /accountability /honesty/tansparentcy..Enough Games and B.S. legaleeze..
Time for reform .Time to simplify the jargon ,time for Real solutions.
Q.. Language was created to communicate easily/clearly with others..When did language become so confusing?.
A..Ever since legalese/economics became the worlds official language..
Thank -U for your time/this space/and reading my spew...It's free!..lol

Give it your best , never give it all...Enjoy what you have or you'll never know till it's gone...

Enjoy your day..

Pick a path..Line up your points.May the dots connect your plans ,Goals and dreams leading you to great success.Never 4get where it came from....L8R
If anyone should own a team..It's Jim Bassile (R.I.M)

Swine flu shot will be ready for june?injected to who?.Injected flu Should b mutated and blow up, just in time for winter flu season. by that time "this flu"(?) will be mutated into something else..Like this whole swine flu story!..

Yahoo lookin at moving to Niagra.. involves a valuable energy deal...Is that green alternative energy?..Would be a great move for the Niagra region..YAHOO!

Chalk river re-revisted ..Yet another leak..4 time Lucky?..Shouldn't take anymore chances..Action is needed...Green/technology
The Beast does not scare us.. You can't have our beautiful children..

Let's wait to see how the trial goes before making too many judgements..A new neighbour?..The Mother did know the abductor...Girl 8 walkin home..Who can you trust?...How well did the mother know the Neighbours?...This is far from over..The real work is on going...Were there parties?..Drugs..?..Still many issues to cover......Lifestyles can put people in situations they are no longer in control of !...The one who is not to blame is Tory!..Her family should not be blamed they have and will continue to suffer for years....However ,,The verdict is still out...We all knew for a while she was taken by someone she knew.Neighbours and families are always first.The worst was probable and known.

What else don;t we know?....ALOT!

Guilty will be punished over and over again ..

Tory , another beautiful young girl taken too early by an animals sick perversion..

The modern world is still the safest place.Know your surrounding environment .Respect it and others.U will know the truth ..Learn more about the world outside your bubble...

God bless the children ...We will Punish the beasts

R.I.Peace Tory

..I will always remember the smile...A happy child..
On a lighter note...if anyone wants to check out something cool..Astronauts have fixed Hubble ...Asto_Mike is twitter'in from space!.. Technology can be amazing..check it out....www.twitter.com/Asto_Mike (external - login to view)

-Astro_Mike - Amazing...It's really somethin what you guys can do "OUT THERE". The best to U all..

Astro_Mike ..Close 1 eye .hold the earth between figures but Please don;t sqeeze..lol..Such a beautiful little world eh?..Small but mighty!

Just a couple of messages sent to space....

I love space...Spend most of my time there.
Obama on quantanamo bay..Another Great speech ..Watching the watchers...Right on..Eye like that 1.. ..(sorry ,bad joke)..

.Wow a surprise.!..Dick Cheney..Dualin' speeches...Great idea..true democracy at work..

.Notta bad speech in the Fears of War .Education is the key.Where do you get your facts.?.Always Debatable.

Cheney You Can't worry about what people say .It's what they can do..There are always signs..Trick is making useful the info. before it's after the fact...

..Again president is going in the right direction...Let's hope Cheney's doom say.. is in the past..Look toward the future in peace..not in fear of war..

.If Cheney has facts, that released prisoners, have returned to Crime..He must release this proof..Or he is an accomplise ...No?He has connections?Who are "THEY"?

Go in hope of peace and resolution, not in hate or fear of war.

.Can Be Strong, Without bein a Bully Cheney ..lol..!

Prevention is continuosly working ,and getting better all the time.....

+0-0+1-1+0.=.?1?+0+..lol..Damned numbers!

Obama wins..He's the president and That's the truth.
Open door policies that cut out the middle unions r the best option 4 workers.Gov/Big biz play 2 many games.Unions only help.no good at playing for their workers..They Have no position....Wild cat Strike , call the bluff.Let's see the truth..If these factories are gonna close ..They already know...Loose your job now or later..Strike at least you'll know what your worth to your employer..

Unions have proven themselves useless.Toyota apparently has the proper auto system.Unions work for none but themselves.Follow the leader cut out the middle B.S...Unions lost their say in the 80's...lost their way in the 90's

SlaveDrone labour is the way of the future for auto..$10/hr...drive a scooter..Live in a box ,down by the river

Hmm which way to go?..There was a time all the auto companies acted as one..Now they,ve spit to get the best of all worlds.Get as much $$$ as they can ..They will do what ever suits them at the expense of slave drones ..The unions will relay the info to angry workers as Glorified messengers and nothing more..No gonads..No position , no future for unions..People better start to speak up 4 themselves..or be represented by fools, payed for by the other team. True it's suppose to be all together right?..Tell that to the gov and big biz ..They have tunnel vision and get workers to make glasses only they can see clearly out of.Unions hold the lens cleaner...

on another note

Regulating credit - Cash in hand, is still cheaper than Using cards.New regulations to protect consumers from Bank gouging is long over due!..good Start Mr. flaherty.Follow through
Last edited by GreenFish66; May 22nd, 2009 at 10:45 AM..
More censorship?.Legal 18+ porn might be the solution not a prob...3 minutes alone ,could possibly stop sexual predators aggression.

Sometimes censorship adds to igorance.blinds people from Reality .The truth.

Too much Uncensored +18,in the other hand,could also cause blindness. so I hear,..lol.(sorry bad jk).Touchy subject ..All About balance n sustainability, So She says..Ok ..Ok..L8R..

Have a good weekend...

Think responsibly ,Act accordingly, have fun..
Astro_mike.How U guy's feelin?Like PP?.OK,Ok,sorry,I know .Big laugh..Haha..pp jokes...I'm sure U's have all had enough*by now..It's Very useful science.(*=PP..lolWelcome home.

Oil sands is a dirty project period...No matter how you box it...Like tryn' to sell salt water to thirsty people.Not a good long term business plan, or very helpful..Gotta recycle pee water like the astronauts..That's a 4 sure Big $eller..$$..
If we can not cure the flu.or predict its mutation.Shots are not benefitcial .In the longer run could be harmful to those who don't get the shot. then back again, to those who did get the shot..so on and so on..

Is there or has there ever been any proof the flu shot has ever prevented any flu?
Obama -Jack pot !Using solar/alternative energy to help power casino's and other big energy suckers .Now that's clean tech..Good Green in the bank..and notta bad gamble..

Play 4 fun not 4 broke eh!.Enjoy Vegas( Aftr biz).!Take in some shows ,couple free drinks, but Watch those video game/money bank slots..Big risk/little gain 4 players.

Ah ,I see,no time 4 fun, all biz..gotta respect that.On 2 California with his eye on the big picture.Say hey to Arnie.great state/great sen.A Mean /green/clean tech machine.

Obama - Not a terminator but a motivator,always movin positively forward.Toward a stable/sustainable future.Maintaining momentum as if n constant perpetual motion.(?)lol
Canadian astronaut - Robert Thirsk - blasts off in Russian rocket.Destination:2nd home/space station.In the name of Good purpose Science.All the best to these space dwellers.I'm wavin

Wait a sec..U.S. Homeland security..Secretary Napoliano..Is asking Canada to tighten security regulations on some? Wants More info for U.S.?

Is this an open, mutual, transfer of information, or 1 sided..?.

What are governments afraid we might learn about.? the truth.?...If sensitive security is not already secure enough..There is nothing government will be able to do to keep up with the new high tech age....Accept it...don't ignore it...Politicians who try to regulate the internet without proper education and computer literacy..Risk crashing the whole new economy while it tries to take flight...We will all fall down.

Wait, I guess first we all need to know, What information Mrs. Napoliano wants to secure ?..Non ?.Shouldn't any really valuable info, already be top secret.?

What do they think, they don't know, that we know.?

How do they know, we know, what they want to know..What do they know about what we know?..Who are they to tell us, what we need to know, or not know...? ahhhhhhh !...Who knows..????????????...
Sounds like paranoia to me...Or a round about way to regulate and secure other sources of information like perhaps the internet...Hope politicians know what their doing...?

Those who enbrace the internet and all this medium has to offer will be the next leaders of the free world...Those who stand in it's way and try to limit it or try control it with out understanding it....Will fail...

Why do gays want to get married .?Isn't that, in itself, a conflict of interest for both sides..?Why do gays care what the church/state thinks about their togetherness.?
Live their own lifestyle.That's their choice..Might be easier to introduce thier own companion law .or somethin..Wear their rings on the middle fingure.Create their own tuxedo/dresses..go to vegas..
..Why try to impose your beliefs on those who have their own, and are unwilling to alter theirs for yours? ..Make/enjoy your own lifestyle...Box it, and sell it, in your own specialty shop...People might buy in.
.You know...like ... I'm not sure if "the in-laws" ever except the fact your , WITH , their daughter.They just grow to accept you/ignore it.. you know..Ok..they say..sex sells..but ...you can't sell sex in a brothel...lord forbid!..That's just wrong...! ..Anyway..Some have sex for a reason/some don't have sex at all...some like it... and well ..some like it.
My position on this prop 8/same sex marriage issue..is..The standard position or no position...Cuz that damned 69 posich hurts my back.!
...I don't hate gay people ...however I am against gay marriage..to be honest ..not so big on marriage at all nowadays..(separated)..Although I respect those who can make it work..have that bond.!..It's not easy...
In my opinion .Marriage has Gone too political !. Gotten itself intertwinded over the last 2000 yrs or so with the governing system . Many other touchy issues attaching themselves to it along the way.(single mothers rights /ownership rights ..etc..)Can't expect thousands of years of belief, to bend over night..(no pun intended..ok it was ...sorry bad joke)
Come on lighten up..Go back to being your ol' gay selves..Who cares what others think..right?..You are who you are...Whether the majority accepts it or not..is their problem...Say ...hey ..hey..Your gay .and like it or not , your here to stay...scream it out..from the tallest building /at the top of your lungs..but please save it..4 the next gay pride day...
18000 gays are still married in California right?.How many are left?.. Let's see how these couples work out 1st..before we take the next big step down that isle again..
Again, that's why ..On Prop # 8/same sex marriage ....My position is ..The standard position or no position on this one.Cuz gondang it ..We're Humans for, pete's sake ..Not animals!.People weren't ment to bend that way..were they....hmmmm..
You know what?
.Now that I think of it.... Might be part of the reason I'm separated...???
I am a hetero sexual male ..And I love it!(when I get it)

Thank-you for reading my spew...
Conservative gov..Closin'their eye's on reactor.Hopin 4 the best..R people buyin?

You gotta wonder what's really goin on ..When government starts talking about selling their leaking/deteriorating reactors ..to a private firm..For no other apparent reason than to ignore the problems..Pass off the liability ...Let some big company come in a run the reactor into the ground (in private)..Close their eyes and hope for the best eh ....

Seems more likely , and far more simple, to just pass the whole thing off, onto someone elses shoulders...Maybe it's that time Harper Gov.. ..To pass it all on to someone else..Someone who will take reponsibility for these serious problems on behalf of Canadians.

The liberals...?....The NDP ?...The BLOQ?....I now how about the Green party?...Or even better , why don't they all just work together, and get somethng positive done for the people of Canada for a change .

.Instead of continuosly running us all into the ground with bad political/shady business games...!
Mrs Raitt Was and is responsible for this very important file and should have managed this Nuclear situation much better..

.Mrs.Raitt perhaps should have double checked to make sure these valuable papers were accounted for..She is accountable..This kind of thing will cost Harper the election..

The real issue is not the B.S. about "top secret " papers beenin left behind..It tries to side step a bigger issue....This time there was a waste water leak at an overaged reactor....Last time there was a leak..more than 4 times..That is the issue..

Who will stand up and take responsibility, the next time?.The house of commons page?.

This will cost the conservatives in credibility/accountability ..How can we believe conserves are going to actually do anything about the nuke prob..this time?...What are they doing different?...Is the communication really gonna be any better,lord forbid, there's a next time...?.

Hope there's not another time..My fear is next time there is a nuclear water leak..We won't even hear about it!!!...Ignoring the problem won't make it go away..

.Mrs.Raitt ignored the problem,..She is the minister of natural resources .It is her responsibility to make sure these issues are handled and delt with appropriately .Especially in this very important case..It wasn't .

Mr. Harper should have accepted her resignation...But I think he knows his days are numbered as P.M.
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Pres.of entertainment,Stephen Colbert Visits troops.Even Pres.Obama made an appearance last night 2 pay his respect 2 the troops n Colbert

Steven Colbert entertains the troops-Attention Colbert Nation!Troops, we Salute you!Here's 2 freedom N The president of entertainment.Peace

Colbert Nation | The Colbert Report Official Site | Comedy Central (external - login to view)
From Australia. Tankers with a front that doesn't fall off is good.

YouTube - Front Fell Off

Looks like we all make mistakes as who we elect.

Good one ironside..Thanks for that..Very Interesting
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CTV.ca | B.C. parents warned of child kidnapping plot

If police did recieve a message.It should B released 2 the public 4 study.Open all info.2 keep letter/e-mail(?) private is not helpful to anyone..

.Let's see the letter.Were there demands?Ransom?Rich families?Why an elementary kid/parents split?.

.What are the facts?.Not the fears.This case is already odd.

Politicains/Security should B sure they don't use"The face Of fear "to their own interest ,to scare people into accepting new contraversial laws..I am not saying this has ever been the case in the past...

Let's see the info.Release the Actual message of concern 4 all to see.

Could be a simple as 1 parent believing another parent is going to take their child against a court order..Immigrant?

Why would an "would be?" abductor give warning at all?

..It is rare 4 abductors 2 premeditate theft of a child.Child abductors R usually cowards!This case already sounds suspicious to me.

While it is important to teach children/Adults what to watch for.Children know what monsters are..

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Scott Roeder Jailed, Held Without Bail For Murder And Assault (external - login to view) Scott Roeder get life for murder if he can prove DR. aborting late term babies is/should be illegal?This is a monumentous case .1, 2 watch ?
Full day of learning...from t.o.star

ParentCentral.ca - Education - Full-day learning starts next year , McGuinty to back education blueprint blending kindergarten and daycare for children aged 4 and 5 (external - login to view)

Sounds good to me Mcguinty Liberals..What's the catch.?..

How about some updated educatioanl resources ..Like New computers for libraries..New Books (about Green/clean technology.)..and some of those large fingure touch screens in class rooms for a more interactive/entertaining/eductional experience for both Teachers and students....Wrap it all up with a bow on top and call it...Education reform .
I'll help...greenfish66@hotmail.com...
Directed Investment into education and our childrens future is always a win/win for everyone...As long as , the money goes where it is needed ..Used for what is was designed for..To Help the children get a better education/learning experience , prepare them for the future..Not.. to end up with a more expensive education system, that offers the same ol ,same ol.....Had enough of that system.Time to get with the times....
R U finding Employment /works programs useless.A waste of time /money.Maybe I can help.It's free!All U need 2 find work...

All this money into E.I..? Any results?...Or just a Big money trap..

keep the money circulating in the E.I./works system..(Good for stats/math and figures i guess)

Are there any good jobs out there ?.

When unemployed find work ..Was it the E.I. system that helped the unemployed find work?How?

Let's hear from the "REAL"unemployed people in the system..

How does E.I. effectively assist unemployed workers find work?.

How successful are these E.I/Works programs?..

Are these programs really worth the cost?..

Same question , asked 10 different ways ,never seems to find an answer..It's E.I. Insanity!!

You can only teach whmis /resume writing 101/direct them to online job bank, so many times, before unemployed need a job.

O.K. 1 question..

How can we slip stream these programs, making them more efficient/effective at getting people back to work ,while helping unemployed sustain their basic necessities..fairly ,until they find that good job..?.
1 answer- Shut down the E.I./Works programs ...let people/businesses,fend for themselves...Programs Aren't working much like the people stuck in these useless programs...
Where's the proof these programs are postively working, for the people who really need the assistance? (oh sorry another question)
Time to go searchin for the answers...
job bank - Bienvenue au Guichet emplois / Welcome to Job Bank (external - login to view)

whims training - http://whmis.net/ (external - login to view)

resume writing 101 - Monster.ca - Resume 101 (external - login to view)

Can I have some of those E.I/works millions now..Just 1 will be fine!.
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Now this is where it's at!...

Don't have to go anywhere ..It's all on this site...

forums.canadiancontent.net/sc...ensions-2.html (external - login to view)...

forums.canadiancontent.net/ar...p-space-7.html (external - login to view)

I am afraid if I go too far off into the future..I won't be able to come back......

It's all about balance and sustainability...Green/clean tech is the future...

Over and out there from the links above.."
CTV.ca | Tories propose changes to federal prison system

Like the idea of having to prove you are rehabilitated and have all the skills necessary to fit back into society..

Don't like the idea of cops arresting people with no warrant/possibly no real reason...Leaves laws open to police officers interpretation and down the road potential abuse of powers..Innocent until proven guilty!...Police have enough tools..No need for more..

Easy to put people in prison, harder to rehabilitate/ help them fit back into society that rejects them..1 criminal offense can ruin a lifetime..

For criminals..Sometimes it's Easier to go to prison than try to understand or fit into a society/environement that always seems to reject you....

There is no excuse for commiting crime..But after time is served..They will get out...The hope is they can stay out..and what went wrong is corrected...

Everyone deserves a second chance..If they can prove they mean it!..

But 3 strikes your out!
Another internet Bill is going to try to pass through Canadian parliment in sept..Where others have failed B4..The bill would(amongst other things) allow police to eavesdrop on users without a warrant....


What would police be looking for?

The internet is not a physical place.Do We really need thought police?..

Police have enough powers to do their job..As long as they have proof of crime/abuse..

People worry about google taking their picture ,but careful.People objecting to private companies taking their pictures(possibly selling the info), doesn't change the fact that BIG BROTHER(police/security) could still be granted access to those pictures, you don't want others to see..The cameras are already there..Once their there..Hard to get rid of...

Perhaps signs notifying people their is a camera on duty is the best option..to address some of the concerns..

B careful when giving away rights to observe public records.Might be Just what security /politicians/biz are hoping for.

Access to your info without permission/accountability/transparentcy/or $$$ for used footage.

Public Cameras ,The "lime wire" of reality tv..?(hmmmm)..Who's making the $$ of this stuff?...Can Work both ways.

Why should police or anyone have access to your personal life(for whatever reason), without granting the public, or you, the rights to the same info?.Happens all the time..

"I am a man, I am not a number" (1984)-

Quotes from George Orwell's 1984 (external - login to view)

Do you still have the right to e-mail a lawyer, if unlawfully targeted, based on speculative info, collected by accusing officer ?...HMMM..?

The police/security already have all the laws/powers they need to regulate/enforce any criminal acts they witness/have proof of, on the internet or anywhere else..

The crimes police/security point towards as reasons to pass new invasive online security regulations,(porn/terrorism(terrorism is an act of violence,not talk of)) are Unacceptable/highly illegal , yet not substantial enough ,to allow them to take away law abiding citizens rights to personal privacy online..

Exploiting the relatively small negatives of the internet, to pass contraversial laws, on the majority of good/law abiding people , is uncalled for..And is almost as sad as, any crime, few care to think of , even less would act on...

If police want to follow anyone on twitter or social networks(legally),all they have to do is ask to be that users friend..It's that easy..

Greenfish66 (Greenfish66) on Twitter (external - login to view)

Guilty untill proven innocent, has always worked in the past ..The internet shouldn't be used as an excuse to change this Vital LAW..!

I know cops..Some are friends /some are A holes(like anyone can be)..

Do you tell your friends everything?If not..Why not?

The Majority have nothing to hide but their real names(user names) ,For the freedoms anonymity offers.. In the odd chance, their's a crazie out there, that would want to do ,well , whatever?..>What do we need more security for?

The public ...Should worry more about police/political abuse of power, and Shady marketers, tarketing innocent victums, to sell or steal ideas/products.. Then worrying about that odd ball wacko out there, lookin to steal a shot of you pickin your nose, in the privacy of your own home..

You can always block the wacko's .

I feel the police/security already have all the laws/powers they need to regulate/enforce any criminal acts, they witness/have proof of, on the internet or anywhere else.If they know there is a problem,know where it is, see someone breakin the law..They already have the tools they need to move forward on an arrest.

In the end . Security/politicians will do whatever they want to,and no one really has a real voice/choice on the issue, because we don't have access to all their information.

It's a 1 sided debate... The majority always seems to have to pay the price, for the few abusing minorities..(politicians just looking for somethin to do with their time)
.in their interest)

Think the saying goes .."If you have nothing to hide .You have nothing to worry about."right ?

Might experience a dose of paranoia, wondering if police/security/big brother/marketers/wako's might be wacthing YOU though!...

Ahh, but Don't get so full of yourself.... Why would THEY be watching YOU? ..What makes you any better/worse/or any more special, than the majority of law abiding online citizens out there..?

.Don't be a victum!

We (the law abiding internet users) will regulate the internet..Herd the bad sheep.Send them to quarantine.

We don't need no thought police.!

Don't worry people..It's all under control!.Move on, nothin to see here...

Get avg virus scanner now!

Over and out there from here..

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Fathers and everyone have a great weekend ..
..I was just outside, watchin couple of socrates the greeks vids (should be researchin/workin) and the snow birds just flew right by me...!!!!!....that was freakin awesome!!!

Reminds me of the time I was laying grass(sod) in between houses... When a huge f15(?) fighter flew low right over the swale .....Scared the bejesus right outta me...I yelled..."Get down"."Look out"."Save yourself"...In true Arnie fasion ...Everyone did!...What else can you do?...lol

Man that was wild..!
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CTV Toronto - Health officials monitor Toronto garbage strike - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

I respect those who work in waste management ..We all should..It would suck to have to manage our own waste..We should all be more conscious of our garbage..


This garbage strike stinks.

.Waste management should be an essential service...Funny how auto workers lost their right to strike sometime ago.Just before the B.S. (bailout /stimulus ) ploy...yet City workers still have the right..Last time I checked, they have a pretty damned good wage/benefit package...No real need for strike..Save it for when there's a reason for it...!

Yes we know your all necessary..The world would be a smelly place without waste managment..We get it!...No need to raise a stink about it..! ok ok enough, rotten jokes...

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