Taliban claim 5,220 foreign troops killed last year


CTV.ca | Taliban claim 5,220 foreign troops killed last year


KABUL, Afghanistan -- The Taliban have long exaggerated their military successes, but their recent claim that they killed more than 5,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan last year may be the militia's most startling yet.
The Taliban said last week on their website that they killed 5,220 American and NATO troops in 2008 -- an exaggerated figure nearly 20 times the official death toll.
The insurgents also said they downed 31 aircraft last year. Their
fighters destroyed 2,818 NATO and Afghan vehicles and killed 7,552 Afghan soldiers and police, according to a statement from a spokesman.
The true damage inflicted on U.S. and NATO fighters over the last year has been "repeatedly hidden by the enemy and they have controlled the media by using money, power and their lies," the statement said.
NATO and its member countries announce all troop deaths, providing names, ages and hometowns and how the soldiers were killed. According to an Associated Press tally based on those announcements, 286 foreign forces died last year in Afghanistan.

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See if they had a proper education, they could perhaps learn to count properly.

It'd be pretty noticable if that many soldiers and vehicles have been killed/destroyed and a lot of people would be asking why they haven't heard anything back from their loved ones over seas fighting.
Of course they are exaggerating. I expect our side also exaggerates when counting Taliban dead.

Do we count the bodies Taliban retrieve or make a generous estimate? Do we count dead civilians as Taliban, if we aren't 100% certain? Do we count mercenaries and private security people among our dead? I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but I suspect our numbers aren't entirely accurate either.
No. We don't count civilians as "dead" in the grand total, the Taliban do as to them everyone is a member of the Taliban
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