Obama Education Secretary For Gay High School

Am I wrong to assume education or private schools is a state affair down there? After doing a quick scan of the web site, I was unable to determine what kind of school it actually is (public/private).

Anyway, I chuckled over their having conflicts with Chicago clergy.


Obama Education Secretary For Gay High School (external - login to view)

President-elect Barack Obama's nominee to become Secretary of Eduction has supported specially designated high schools for gay, lesbian and transgendered teens.

"If you look at national studies, you see gay and lesbian students with high dropout rates...Studies show they are disproportionately homeless," Duncan said at a October 2008 event where he recommended the gay school be built. "I think there is a niche there we need to fill."

As Chicago's Head of Public Schools Arne Duncan recommended the School for Social Justice Pride Campus, Chicago's first school for gay youth. Moreover, educators at this school believe it could be a model for a national program for educating gay teens.

Advocates for the school ultimately expect 600 children will attend Pride Campus, which was scheduled to open in 2010 until members of the design team called off a critical vote on it in November, over conflicts between Chicago clergy members and school planners.

Information from the school's website says (external - login to view):

The Social Justice High School–Pride Campus would improve on current conditions for LGBTQA youth in Chicago’s public schools and would be a national model for best practices in the education of LGBTQA youth.

We will teach the history of all people who have been oppressed and the civil rights movements that have led to social justice and queer studies...

Our school is dedicated to the principles of the hunger strike that brought the school into existence, namely social justice oriented principles and values such as truth and transparency, collective community power, struggle and sacrifice, and ownership and agency.
No reporters asked Obama or Duncan about the education administrator's support for gay education during a press conference to announce Duncan's appointment Tuesday morning.

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Why not just find out instead why they're dropping out? If it has to do with harassment, then let's just educate people about this and the impact it has on gays. Sure we're free to disagree with homosexual acts and same-sex marriage, but that's very different from hating gays personally.

And if a gay student does drop out of high school, then send him to a special school for dorpouts like anyone else.

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