Cable Guy Turns His Ladder Into a Lifesaver

To counteract the onslaught of negative threads on CC, I have resolved to post positive threads only. Call it a balancing manuever. Here's my first...

Cable Guy Turns His Ladder Into a Lifesaver

When Jorge Rivera saw thick, black smoke force a woman to drop a young girl from the top floor of a Silver Spring apartment building, he did not hesitate to act. The Comcast (external - login to view) repairman pulled over, yanked the ladder off his truck and ran to rescue those still trapped by the fire.

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Now here's a real hero story. An unselfish act of bravery and quick thinking. Right on Jorge Rivera.
Bravo to him, lots of people would have just kept driving.
Heroes seem few and far between some days. Thank you for sharing this mt.
Wow!!! That is a really positive post, MT. I'm gonna try that too.

That guy der,is a freakin hero.

Unfortunately, he was late for the "appointment down the street", so they fired him.

.........coulda happened.
Well Nugs, he's still working on his hero act. Even Clark Kent kept his job at the newspaper while saving the world everyday.

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