German soldiers too fat to fight Taliban as they drink too much

Further evidence that the British military is the only worthwile, proper, significant military in the EU.

Just 65 years or so ago, very recent history, the German Army rampaged across Europe, invading as many lands as possible to incorporate into their empire, the Reich, exterminating millions of Jews and other undersiarbles and striking fear as they went.

Nowadays, the German Army wouldn't even strike fear into a kitten.

Despite being involved in Afghanistan, the Germans haven't done much of note there. And whilst the British and Americans have imposed strict bans of alcohol on their soldiers, it doesn't appear that the Germans have done the same.

It now appears that many German soldiers are too fat to fight the Taliban thanks to all the beer they drink - each German soldier is allowed two pints of beer a day.

Since 2001, 28 German soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, compared to 97 Canadian,128 British and 628 American.

German soldiers are 'too fat to fight' Taliban because they drink so much (while our boys go dry)

By Mail Foreign Service
03rd December 2008
Daily Mail

They drink too much and they're too fat to fight, that's the damning conclusion of German parliamentary reports into the country's 3,500 troops stationed in Afghanistan.

While British and U.S. troops in the country face a strict ban on alcohol, their German comrades are allowed two pints a day.

The stunning statistics reveal that in 2007 German forces in northern Afghanistan drank 1.7million pints of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine.

The troops also downed 896,000 pints of beer in the first six months of this year, the Times reported.

German soldiers prepare for a mission in Kabul. Last year Bundeswehr forces in northern Afghanistan drank 1.7million pints of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine

The statistics only add to the embarrassment of the country's federal army, Bundeswehr, after a report earlier this year found troops to be too fat, smoked too much and didn't exercise enough.

It showed they lived on beer and sausages while shunning fruit and vegetables.

The parliamentary report claimed that some 40 per cent of all German army personnel are overweight - a higher percentage than in the civilian population.

At the time Reinhold Robbe, the parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces, stated: 'Plainly put, the soldiers are too fat, exercise too little, and take little care of their diet.'

The Times also reported the damning allegation from a senior officer that Germany is failing in its main mission to train the Afghan police. He descibed the efforts as 'a miserable failure'.

Since 2001, 28 German soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.
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I think the Germans have a good long term strategy here. They are not into regime change, because it has already happened. The Taliban are gone from power in Afghan, so what's all the shouting about? Just imagine if all the money that had been spent on armaments had been spent on schools and hospitals, how much better off Afghans would be. War is not the answer.

Pretty soon we'll be negotiating with these Taliban terrorists just like the British gov't started to negotiate with the IRA a few years back. The goal here is to create political stability so development can occur then they can start chucking their backward religion.
Negotiation is good, religion really should be left alone.

An observation & opinion.

Funny!! It's like 60% of the residents of Mississippi can't get an MRI. They can't fit in the machine
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