Fireball Lights Up Prairie Skies

Has anyone heard of this, or better yet, did anyone see it?

This happened just yesterday at around 5:30pm and could be seen by people in Alberta and Saskatchewan. There are reports about it all over western Canada.

Here's a video because you really have to see it.

YouTube - meteorwmv

Cool! Thanks for posting this...
Yeah, it's causing quite a stir out here. A natural phenomenon I think. A meteorite got into our atmosphere and burned up on entry. What really amazes me is how they tend to miss the populated areas and land in some remote area. They're not even sure this one landed. It may have burned up completely before it hit the ground.

Ah, the wonders of the universe, eh?
Cool, thanks GPAC!

A few years ago a buddy and I were driving out to his place, and saw a greenish streak. Similar to this one, though the light was not quite as intense. Nice that in this case it was caught by video!
Vanni Fucci
Yeah, I read about this last night, but didn't know it was caught on video...very cool indeed...
lone wolf
Saw it on CTV news last night. I wonder if any reached earth?

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