30 things you never knew about the Prince of Wales

Did you know that Prince Charles appeared on Coronation Street in 2000? That he is the only royal to appear nude in a magazine? That his was the first royal birth since the 1600s to not be witnessed by a government minister? And that the ONLY time he had a servant put toothpaste on his toothbrush was, contrary to mythm when his arm was in plaster.

Here are thirty facts about the future King Charles III.

November 16, 2008
The Telegraph

30 things you never knew about the Prince of Wales

From underage drinking to nude photos, Roland White reveals the unknown Charles

The Prince of Wales sits in the Ceremonial Uniform of The Welsh Guards in his official 60th birthday portrait by Hugo Burnand

1 When he was born, on November 14, 1948, the fountains in Trafalgar Square ran blue “for a boy”

2 It was the first royal birth since the 17th century that wasn’t witnessed by a government minister

3 There was no worried pacing up and down outside the labour suite for the Duke of Edinburgh: he was playing squash

4 Charles was christened using water from the River Jordan, a royal tradition thought to stretch back to the Crusades

5 If he succeeds to the throne later than September 2013 - and, frankly, that’s looking pretty likely - Charles will be the oldest person to become monarch of the United Kingdom

6 William IV is the current record holder. He became king at the age of 64

7 Charles is often criticised for having his valet put paste on his toothbrush, but that’s a royal myth. It was his private secretary - and only when the prince had his arm in plaster after a polo accident

8 He was voted one of the 11 best-dressed men in Europe - at the age of five

9 He’s a big fan of Leonard Cohen (which won’t help his reputation for being introspective and gloomy, will it?)

10 During a trip to Fiji as a young man, he was entertained by topless women who performed a fertility dance for him. “It’s better than the Changing of the Guard,” he said

11 Not content with being Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, he is also Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Chester, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. He holds the rank of admiral in the navy, air chief marshal in the RAF, and general in the army

12 While he was studying at Cambridge, a detective was assigned to look after the prince’s laundry in case a student prankster was tempted to steal the royal underpants

13 His first public speech - in Welsh - was heckled by nationalists who were beaten away by ardent monarchists armed with handbags

14 On a visit to Manchester in 1983, somebody threw a custard pie in the prince’s face, having first asked permission

15 When he was in the navy, Charles - scruffy and unshaven at the time - was approached by photographers. “Where’s the prince?” they asked, failing to see through the beard. “Oh, he won’t see you,” Charles replied. “He’s a pretty nasty piece of work, you know”

16 His Aston Martin Volante, given to him by the Queen as a 21st birthday present, now runs on bioethanol converted from English wine. (Now that’s what you call a vintage car)

17 He was caught drinking underage at 14 when he ordered a cherry brandy at the Crown hotel in Stornaway. He didn’t know a freelance reporter was in the same bar

18 When he married for the first time, the South London Press newspaper, desperately searching for the local angle, carried the headline: “Kennington landowner weds”

19 The Rev Ian Paisley refused to attend the ceremony because Cardinal Hume, the Catholic archbishop, would also be present

20 Charles appeared on Coronation Street in 2000, visiting Vera Duckworth in hospital (and risking the jibe that this was the closest he’d get to any coronation for many years to come)

21 He also appeared on Jackanory in 1984, reading his own children’s story, The Old Man of Lochnagar

22 He is a member of the Magic Circle of magicians

23 He spent two terms studying in Australia, where he attempted to throw a boomerang for the first time. It was not a great success. He hit himself on the head, fell over and landed in cow dung

24 You can buy a Prince Charles latex face mask on eBay for £14.99, plus a set of Prince Charles ears for £2.80

25 Charles exhibits paintings at the Royal Academy summer exhibition under the name AG Carrick (from Arthur George, two of his four Christian names, and Carrick from one of his spare titles)

26 As a young man, he was criticised by a Free Church of Scotland minister for skiing in the Cairngorms on the sabbath

27 He has his own official harpist, currently Claire Jones from Crymych, Pembrokeshire

28 Asked once why he and the Duke of Edinburgh walk with their hands behind their back, he said: “We both have the same tailor. He makes our sleeves so tight that we can’t get our hands in front”

29 He is the only member of the royal family to have appeared nude in a magazine. Paris Match once printed a picture of him standing naked at the window of a French chateau

30 A video on YouTube claims to offer proof that Prince Charles is the Antichrist

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Number 23 is the best.
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