AIDS group demands Zimbabwe return $7.3 million

#1 | AIDS group demands Zimbabwe return $7.3 million


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- An international organization that fights AIDS and other communicable diseases is demanding that Zimbabwe return millions of dollars in donations it says were misused.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria says it wants $7.3 million back from the $12.3 million it deposited into Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank last year.

It has not said how the funds were misspent.

Communications director Jon Liden says the Zimbabwean government promised to return the money by Thursday.

The fund decides Friday whether to grant Zimbabwe's request for more money.

Attempts to reach Zimbabwean government officials on Monday were not immediately successful.

Yeah, good luck with that.
.........Right, some Thursday in, say, 2209, maybe. Usually their banks are closed on Thurs.

Mehhhhhh, one born every minute.

Like Zimbabwe gives a sh i t how many of their people die. - from aids or anything else.

""Attempts to reach Zimbabwean government officials on Monday were not immediately successful."".............IF, on the other hand, they had decided to give them MORE money, wanna bet they would be able to "reach Zimbabwean government officials."
I have a message for them...

"Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line and a Government Official will be with you in a moment. Your wait time is approximately 34344834908583 minutes."
Cheque's in the mail
A savvy Nigerian prince is asking me to help him invest this money...

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