A Plymouth couple are bottling spring water and selling it after discovering a natual spring in their garden, reminiscent of an episode of BBC comedy series Only Fools and Horses.

In the 1992 episode of Only Fools and Horses (which was voted by the public as the greatest British comedy series of all time), brothers "Del Boy" (who often comes up with ingenious plans to make money) and Rodney sell "Peckham Spring" water to the public, who believe it comes from a natural spring on Del's allotment.

However, what Del and Rodney are doing is illegal - the water actually comes from their kitchen tap.

Life imitates Only Fools And Horses as couple plan to bottle water from spring under their council home

29th October 2008
Daily Mail

George Pashby holds up a glass of spring water from the stream that has erupted from his garden

A family living in a council house have tapped into a fortune after a natural spring erupted under their home.

Now they plan to bottle and sell the water - just like TV comedy heroes Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, who sell bottled 'Peckham Spring' water from their home in a famous episode of Only Fools And Horses.

Unemployed George Pashby and his wife Shelley thought an underground pipe had burst when water began pouring out of a wall and into their garden.

But water board officials found that the 'leak' came from a natural spring deep under the family's home.

The family have been told it produces a daily 1,000 litres of pure water which can be drunk untreated.

They now say they want to produce their own mineral water, which if sold at the average price of 1 a litre would make them over 350,000 a year.

In a further echo of Only Fools And Horses, Mr Pashby, 31, who lives on the St Budeaux council estate in Plymouth, Devon, with his wife and four children, even says the family wants to call the water 'Pashby Spring'.

He said: 'We can't believe it. Were a poor family and we don't exactly drink much mineral water. But now we've got our own natural spring.

'It is really gushing out. It's a mystery where it came from, but it is definitely spring water.'

Such is the flow of water from under the house that the garden is now split by a fast-flowing stream.

South West Water has had a trench dug to allow the water to flow more freely.

But Mrs Pashby, 30, said the spring had brought its problems.

Splash of inspiration: David Jason (Del Boy) and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney) bottle "Peckham Spring" water to sell to the public - even though it actually comes from their kitchen tap, in a 1992 episode of Only Fools And Horses

'There's a hole in my wall and there could be water in the foundations,' she said.

The newly erupted spring means her children Jade, 11, George, nine, Billy, three, and five-month-old Jack, can no longer play in the garden, she added.

She hopes the well will prove a money spinner to make up for these problems.

'If we can bottle it and make a bit of money then at least some good has come out of it,' she said.

A spokesman for Plymouth City Council confirmed the water is linked to several natural springs in the area.

It is thought a blockage may have forced the spring to divert and erupt under the Pashby home.

The spokesman said: 'We know there are natural springs in the area which is the most likely source as the water is extraordinarily pure.'