Northern Illinois University graduate student Yung-Chin Chang, center, waves to friends in the audience as at commencement exercises in DeKalb, Ill., in May. A recent study showed U.S. students are less likely than their parents to graduate from high school.

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WASHINGTON — American children are less likely to graduate from high school than their parents were, and most states are doing little to hold schools accountable, according to a study by a children’s advocacy group.
More than half the states have graduation targets that don’t make schools get better, the Education Trust says in a report released Thursday.
The numbers are dismal: One in four American kids is dropping out of school, a rate that hasn’t budged for at least five years.
"The U.S. is stagnating while other industrialized countries are surpassing us," said Anna Habash, author of the report by Education Trust, which advocates on behalf of minority and poor children. "And that is going to have a dramatic impact on our ability to compete," she said.
In fact, the United States is now the only industrialized country where young people are less likely than their parents to earn a diploma, the report said, citing data compiled by the international Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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Although this isn't really new news for me, it's still pretty pathetic.