Man dies after 34 hours in ER without getting treatment

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All the nurses and doctors were just stolling along, shooting the sh*t back and forth, laughing it up about what so-in-so did the other day..... so don't tell me about their fk'n priorities.

I hear this one a lot. You don't know why you weren't allowed in unless you can see in the entire ER which would be a GROSS violation of privacy laws. Nurses and docs sitting around in the ER are often waiting for things like Xrays, lab work, CT scans, MRIs or to transfer patients to regular floors in the hospital before they can let new patients in who are not really emergent. And, again, emergent means you will die in short order without medical care.
Here in Saint John NB, you can't just walk in to one of the two clinics , you have to call and make an appointment. After three days of a busy signal, I decided to walk down to my local clinic. They would not accept me or even make an appointment because I had to call. How disgusting is that?
I don't go to a GP, I don't have one and haven't needed on. I've gotten sick, but unless its an emergency, I don't do anything about it.

Like Prax, I once broke a bone, my shoulder. The ER situation was agonizing and stupid, I could go on and rant for ages. In the end I went home and fixed it myself. Not perfect mind you, I still can't fully raise my one arm. But at the time I was poor and its not like I could have afforded private care either.

Boned either way. But I like having the option of emergency care, regardless of my current state of wealth.

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