A Palestinian driver plowed a car into a group of soldiers at a busy intersection near Jerusalem's Old City late Monday, injuring 13 before he was shot to death, Israeli police and rescue service said.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the driver of the BMW was shot by both a soldier and a police officer.

Israel TV said the car was registered to a resident of Jabel Mukaber, an Arab village inside the city limits.

Israel Radio said the soldiers, from the Artillery Corps, were on a tour of Jerusalem ahead of the Jewish New Year holiday next week.

It was the third attack in Jerusalem in which vehicles have been used as weapons in recent months.

In July, two Palestinians living in Jerusalem carried out separate attacks using heavy construction machinery that killed three people and injured several others. Both attackers were fatally shot by police and soldiers.

Ambulances and police units raced to the scene Monday night after the crash at about 11 p.m. local time. Israeli TV showed video of a wounded soldier on a stretcher, holding his head as he was wheeled into an ambulance.

Police said two of the 13 injured were in serious condition while the others suffered light injuries. Doctors at the hospitals said all were conscious and were being treated.

Witnesses said the car ended up on the sidewalk near the intersection along the invisible line between the Jewish and Arab sections of Jerusalem, near the Old City.

An Israel Radio reporter on the scene described a large group of Jews, most of them ultra-Orthodox, chasing an Arab into the Old City after the incident.

This is a little different then what I heard last night on another station.

They claimed at the time that the police called it an attack and told everyone that it was an Israeli arab who commited the act. They didn't go into detail as to why they thought it was an attack.

They also had witnesses who said the soldiers were in an intersection at the time of the "Attack" and said it could have simply been a tragic car accident.

This report also states that police and ambulances were there to help the injured, etc..... but in the report I saw last night, they said they left the body of the guy in the car lying out on the road beside the car for quite a long time before they decided to cover him up from the public or even check on him to see if he was still alive.

They even showed footage of them rolling his body around on the ground and didn't even bother to try and keep the press away from the grizzly scene or to try and cover him up.

The guy very well could have intentionally attacked them.... but no evidence was provided to confirm this, other then the police saying it was an attack and they shot and killed him.

Frig, the guy could have had a heart attack or some other medical condition.... the breaks could have gone out.... sure, those could be grabbing at straws, but chances are we'll never know now, because the shot and killed him before the car even stopped.