Canadians react to Hurricane Ike

I ran across these comments while viewing photos of Hurricane Ike. They represent what I had hoped lived in Canada. A warm heart. Now I know why I love Canada.

1. I am a Canadian but feel so sorry for all the people who lost everything they had,
the problem is that it seems a yearly occurance,and I am sure Global warming
has something to do with it and right now it happens all over America,especially the lower level States close to rivers and the Ocean.Blaming the Government is wrong,one can't fight Nature,it happens.

2. I am a State Farm Canada Employee working this devastation in the Call Centre...Its absolutely heart wrenching to actually be able to see what folks are calling in and telling us...Putting images to the conversation brings things into a different perspective. My heart and prayers go out to each and every person impacted but IKE...The spirit of these people - Remarkable!
God Bless Texas!

3. I live in Toronto, Canada, and I remember hurricane Hazel in Oct, 1954. so I can sympathize with the people of Texas. May G-d bless you and keep you safe from further disasters. G-d bless.

I found this at (external - login to view)

For me personally, people were told to evacuate, many refused, now they're begging for help.... I don't have any sympathy for them.... and I'd say the same thing in regards to anybody else in any other country.

When they tell you it's going to be a very bad storm (Whatever that may be) and they tell you to leave a certain area, they tell you why, and they tell you where the safe areas are for shelter away from said storm...... and then you don't bother to go, then it's your own fault for not heeding the warnings and thinking you can hack the storm.

I'm not saying people should have been forced to leave their homes, but if you don't leave on your own after numerous warnings, then you made the decision and now you're on your own until the roads clear..... and I have no sympathy.

I remember watching on Canadian and US news stations leading up to Ike's landfall, and they showed a bunch of people holding up signs saying things like "Take a Hike Ike" and other's mentioning refusal to budge. They even showed on big guy waving the US flag in the air yelling "Come and take me!"

1st.... it's a hurricane, and last I checked, they don't read.

2nd..... Hurricanes don't normally take requests.

3rd.... if you taunt an natural disaster to come and "Get you" how the hell can one have sympathy when it does?

I might have had some sympathy for the situation if there were no warning signs that it was coming and people didn't have the chance to get out of the way..... they did.... many didn't bother.... now they're suffering and needing help.... go figure.

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