Sheriff's deputies escort Michael Robicheau from the courthouse in Dartmouth on September 11, 2007. Robicheau is charged with sexual assault and slitting the throat of a gas station attendant last month.

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A man accused of raping and trying to kill a Dartmouth gas station clerk last year has withdrawn his guilty pleas.
Michael Robicheau, 33, was escorted into Dartmouth provincial court by sheriff's deputies Friday morning.
Defence lawyer Pat Atherton asked Judge Alanna Murphy to allow the guilty pleas to be withdrawn because two psychiatrists have found Mr. Robicheau mentally unfit to be sentenced.
Prosecutor Perry Borden said the Crown was consenting to the application, which the defence gave notice of in July.
“The next issue is whether or not he can be made fit,” Mr. Atherton said of his client.

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Fk, the details, rape his sorry ***, slit his throat and leave him for fk'n dead..... if he lives, then perhaps he might learn something from the experience.
I just don't get how a situation like this can throw the whole focus on his poor little so-called mentally fit ratio, when they know he did it, they have the evidence, they have the woman still alive to point him out, they caught him hiding in the bushes not too far away from the attack, and he himself wants to stand trial, and pleaded guilty.
Where the hell is the problem? Sentence his sorry *** and throw him away where nobody will see his sorry *** again.
He clearly was of sound mind for whatever they locked him up over in the past.... they let him out and he commited another crime.
Mentally fit shouldn't come into question.... pop a round into his skull and be done with it. He committed an illegal act which risked the life and security of an innocent, everybody knows this.... he just pleaded guilty to the charges...... why drag it out longer for BS like this?
I personally feel that once you enter a plea, you shouldn't be able to take it back afterwards. If he was mentally unfit when he entered the plea, then perhaps they should have checked that crap out before they allowed him to enter his plea.