Yemen blasts: Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for US embassy attack

Yemen blasts: Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for US embassy attack (external - login to view)

A car bomb targeting the US embassy in Yemen exploded outside of the compound's gate, killing at least ten people, US officials said.

The Islamist Jihad group claimed responsibility for the attack against the US embassy compound in Sanaa and threatened that it would also target the British, Saudi and Emirati missions in the Yemeni capital.

The compound was hit by a car bomb and heavy gunfire lasting around 10 minutes following the blasts, a Yemeni security official said.

The dead included six Yemeni soldiers and four civilians, including an Indian. The six attackers - one wearing an explosives belt, also died in the explosion.

Smoke was seen rising from the heavily-fortified US compound and ambulances and fire engines raced to the scene, which was cordoned off by police, witnesses said.
The US embassy said none of its staff had been hurt.

Yemen has grappled with a spate of al-Qaeda attacks this year, including one on the US embassy, another near the Italian mission and others on Western tourists.

An al-Qaeda-affiliated group claimed responsibility in March for a mortar attack that missed the US embassy in Sanaa but wounded 13 girls at a nearby school.

The US ordered non-essential staff to leave Yemen in April, a day after an attack on a residential compound, but they were allowed to return a month ago.

The Yemeni government joined the US-led war against terrorism following the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.

It has jailed dozens of militants in connection with bombings of Western targets and clashes with authorities, but is still viewed in the West as a haven for Islamist militants.
I think that was a dumb attempt. That embassy is one of the most solidly secured buildings in the land.
If one can believe the news report, they only hurt their own people and furbish needed evidence that the terrorists are well and active!
Yeah I agree considering the losses. Terrorists aren't going to get far if that's how they go about it.
It's a welcome home event for Osama.
The mentality (or lack of it) is unbelievable with those people.
Too bad about the innocent bystanders and the local security people. I'm not sure I'd walk past any US embassy.

The US uses locals as the first line of defense (AKA cannon fodder), but they are usually paid well. In the event of an attack, the locals have about as much chance as a Star Trek extra.

In this case, the militants never got past the perimeter. The bombs and gun battle probably interrupted embassy services about as much as a fire alarm drill. Chalk one up for the Americans.
Just the Facts
I think it's pretty common for any host nation to defend and secure the perimeter of an embassy. It's not really a sinister American use of human shields.
But the locals are human shields none the less. I agree its not sinister. Its standard procedure at all embassies, except that guarding a US embassy is riskier.

Years ago, I used to walk past the Iranian embassy in Ottawa on the way to work. It was always surrounded by RCMP officers for the same reason.
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