Ron Paul called it on Russian and Georgia in 2002

In an interview in 2002 Ron Paul called it right! He said that because of the U.S policy and it's actions, it could lead to conflicts elsewhere. He zeroed in straight to Russia and it causing problems for Georgia.


Man it sucks when people who make sense don't get the attention they deserve. I like Ron Paul. He's a smart guy and i wish Americans would see that. I remember the republican debates and I just couldn't believe that the republicans actually gave him the freedom to get up there and say the things he said. I wasn't sure what side of the political fence he was on but I knew right away i liked this guy. I think he calls himself a Constitutionalist.

If the American's don't want him, he can come up here! I love a dude who can call a spade a spade.

How come we don't have cool people like this in Canada. Or do we? And if we do, who are they?
Too bad Paul is not running for prez.

But the conflicts in Central Asia had been predicted for quite a while. Sadly, nothing was done to stop them.

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