Neo-Nazi group offers rent help for new recruits


Racism with a Smile.


A white supremacist group in Calgary is recruiting new members with an offer to pay the security deposit on a new rental apartment if they move to the city.
A member of the Aryan Guard made the offer in an online posting at entitled "White Nationlist Relocation Program - Destination Calgary."
"The Aryan Guard is always seeking new brothers and sisters, if you are interested in relocating to our Calgary area, we will pay the damage deposit for your residence," the statement by a user named pitbull-A.G. reads. "We believe that through fortifying our current locations with more White Nationlists we can spread the world more efficiently and than in the future branch out further throughout Canada."
Jason Devine of Anti-Racist Action Calgary said that the Aryan Guard conducts poster campaigns and holds meetings and demonstrations in the city to intimidate non-whites. Devine told CTV Newsnet on Tuesday that if the recruiting drive is successful, the group will give off an air "of coherence and solidarity."
"Anything that comes out of white power, white nationalists, neo-Nazi groups, you've got to take with a bit of a grain of salt," Devine said. "But considering everything that the Aryan Guard has done and said to...

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Don't want what? A bunch of white skinheads who are not breaking any laws... as in his own words? I certainly wouldn't be joining or promoting a group like this, or any others for any other race, but just because it's a collective of white people who want to promote their own heritage and such, and there has been no claims of aggression or violence towards others at this time..... what's the big deal, except for being white?

What's the difference between this group and many other groups out there that pick their members based on race?


The online post, which is dated July 4, has a few comments, some of which applaud the initiative.

A forum member with the user name VladImpaler wrote: "Another good idea i think, in order to change the demonized perception of national-socialist movements is organization of periodical charity events like collecting funds, helping the olders etc."

The website has international portals and a slogan that reads "white pride world wide."

In a study released in June, Statistics Canada reported that Calgary has the highest rate of hate crime in the country, with 9.2 cases reported to police per 100,000 people. The national average is 3.1 cases per 100,000 people.

"Calgary has the highest rate of hate crime in the country," while the rest of the country has skyrocketing rates of fuzzy bunny love crime.
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