The mother and sisters of Jordan Manners, the teen who was shot and killed in a Toronto school more than a year ago, survived a hail of gunfire outside their home late last week, police said.

Loreen Small, whose son was slain inside C.W. Jefferys high school in May 2007, escaped unharmed along with her two daughters, after being shot at about seven times in front of her home on Shoreham Court in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood last Friday.

Small was sitting outside her townhouse with her daughters when two young men approached at about 4:30 a.m.

According to police, one young man was rejected by one of the daughters.

The altercation "focused mostly on just one of the daughters, and there was some type of disagreementů about the daughter and this gunman, and his attraction to one of them," said Det. Rick Ramjattan.

Yeah... shooting at her and her family is really gonna win her over.... idiot.


"One of the suspects pulled out a handgun and shot towards the victims approximately seven times. Nobody was hit, nobody was injured," said Sgt. Peter Stehouwer.

Amateurs. See this is why kids shouldn't have handguns.... because it's a waste of bullets.


Police have arrested Cameron Andre Richards, 31, and issued a warrant for Jason Michael Johnson, 23. Both men are from Toronto.

Last June one of the daughters, Necole Small, 26, was among 95 people arrested following a series of pre-dawn raids targeting Toronto gangs.

She was charged with possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition, but was not charged with being a gang member and was released on bail.

The death of Manners, 15, shocked the city and led to many questions about the safety of students in Toronto schools. His killing led to a report recommending ways to fix the problems.

Two 17-year-old males have been charged in Manners's death.

Loreen Small has been a vocal campaigner against guns and violence.

And yet, her family seems to have ties to gangs, own prohibited firearms, the son was probably shot in some gang related crap at school, but they show a happy clean cut picture to the media to make him seem innocent.... and now the sister is getting shot at because she won't date some moron who can't take rejection?

Gee, you think with a little common sense, one would decide to move after all this crap.