Conrad Black seeks another appeal

What a friggin moron....


Conrad Black has asked a U.S. federal appeals court to revisit his 2007 convictions for fraud and obstruction of justice, after a three-judge panel upheld them last month.

The Montreal-born Black, 63, and his three co-accused — John Boultbee, Peter Atkinson and Mark Kipnis — were convicted of mail fraud for defrauding shareholders of newspaper company Hollinger International Inc., while Black was also convicted of obstruction of justice.

A three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago upheld Black's and the other men's convictions on June 25, saying the defence arguments were not enough to overturn them.

The defendants returned to court Wednesday, asking for an en banc hearing in which the full nine-judge appeals court would consider the case.

If the federal appeals court refuses, Black's likely next step would be to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Black began serving his 6-year sentence at the Coleman minimum-security prison in Florida in March. His lawyers launched an appeal the same month, contending that the U.S. government didn't generate enough evidence to prove Black defrauded anyone or attempted to hide documents.

Once again... Moron. I think someone who continues to fight the ruling after one appeal , who clearly did do what they said he did, and it's knocked down again, they should add more years to his sentence for wasting everybody's time and being an attention who-are.
Poor Conrad, I guess with his riches he can afford to appeal this for the next 5 years or so.

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