Mainstream media scared of David Icke

'David Icke blows away 400 people at a free public meeting'

(But don't expect the mainstream media to report it - he's mad, you see)

'Believe him or not David Icke is one of very few people who can hold an audience in the palm of his hand for many hours, well beyond the one and a half hours reported on the internet. His three and a half hour talk enthralled the audience with revelations beyond the scheming Big Brother drones in the Tory and Labour parties to the fact that Neocons' behind the Big Brother State are supporting David Davis in his 'opposition' to the Big Brother State. This inversion is an attempt to limit the extent to which this issue reveals the truth about the Big Brother Agenda to you ...

... Leaving the Willerby Manor Pavillion left me with a profound sense of something big in the air, perhaps bigger than the cultural changes of the sixties, a beautiful enlightened future to come, where anger, ignorance and greed can be kicked into touch along with the criminal scoundrels who run this country.'

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Despite the interest in what David has to say and his long history of warning about the Big Brother State, the BBC are ignoring him.

Today the Conservative candidate David Davis was interviewed for the Simon Mayo Show on BBC Radio Five Live about the 'Big Brother' election along with three other candidates who have no Big Brother research background whatsoever.

But David Icke? Not even asked.

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Hundreds attend David Icke public meeting in Big Brother By-Election

Local people and those who travelled long distances came to the Willerby Manor Hotel near Hull in north east England to see David Icke speak for three hours about Big Brother - The Big Picture.

It was an incredible event and it was professionally filmed for release for free across the Internet for anyone to access, circulate and use, so long as it is not for commercial purposes. A properly edited and packaged version is being put together with footage from three cameras, but we are hoping to make one camera footage available by the end of today or tomorrow while the final version is being produced.

David laid out the global picture of the Orwellian transformation and also exposed the connections between the American Neocon, or Neoconservative, cabal behind the war on terror and the backers of David Davis, the leading Conservative Party politician who says he called this by-election to 'challenge Big Brother'.

So why are Neocons supporting his stand when they were behind the instigation of the very 'war on terror' that is being used to introduce the Big Brother State all over the world?

It doesn't make sense - until you see David Icke's presentation.
Good speaker, talks a lot of sense.
The trouble is the news people or the BBC will re-run the Terry wogan program again, to discredit his authenticity once more ,regardless of all the good things that he has done to show how the 13 families and the bankers and the media have ruled over us covertly,and any hopes he may have of getting any where will be dashed.
He did WHAT to how many! Is that a record.
lone wolf
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He did WHAT to how many! Is that a record.

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