Truscott receives $6.5M for wrongful conviction

CTV News
Steven Truscott will be compensated $6.5 million for the miscarriage of justice that held him in jail for almost 10 years, Ontario's attorney general announced Monday.

The only thing that anyone can conclude from a circumspect review of this case is that Steven Truscott, beyond a reasonable doubt, raped and murdered Lynn Harper in 1959. No other scenario is tenable. The facts as they existed in the first trial, including Truscott's proximity, opportunity, means and motive were enough to convict him at the time and would be enough under current judicial standards.

Among the many things that were incriminating was the circumstances around the killing, with 1. Truscott bragging he would have sex with another girl, who stood him up.. 2. Lynn on Truscotts bicycle just before the crime... 3. Bicycle marks consistent with Truscott's around the body, along with footprint evidence.. with no other culprits indicated 4. Lesions on Truscotts genitals consistent with a violent attack 5. Truscott's evasive and misleading statements to police and completely untenable alibi. 6. The lack of any credible alternative .. there is more.

Truscott was and is guilty of Lynn Harper's murder. It is disturbing that we can review a compelling case for conviction years after the principles in the case have died, and come up with a vacating of sentence driven soley by tainted media advocacy.

The reward is among a number of things that have occurred in our country, Toronto and Ottawa in the recent past that indicates to all sense of discernment between right and wrong, order and disorder, sense and nonsense, reason and absurdity, justice and injustice.. good and evil have been lost....

Our country is headed for some type of reckoning. And this settlement of millions of dollars in reward for a heinous crime, will be a curse on all who aided, abetted, awarded or shared in it. It will be caustic, it will stick like tar and burn like sulfur.
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Steven Truscott is a man who has built his entire life on a lie. He's lied to his supporters , lawyers, media, courts and to his family. He's adept and manipulative enough that a lot of people have believed him, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt. I'm quite sure he spends NOT a bit of time in soul searching, remorse or praying for Lynn. All of his energies are aimed at protecting this artifice of innocence around which his life is constructed.

He's developed a trusting a besotted following.. and has duped and incredibly naive and gullable media, judges and an attorney general. All this really makes him, in the final analysis is an unrepentant sociopath, without the character or the conscience to man up to his crimes. This has been entrenched by making him extremely rich, and irretrievably removed from his own reality.. lost in a contrived, utterly isolated and false identity.

There is only one victim here and that is Lynn Harper, which this settlement cruelly ignores. The is only one credible culprit, that is Steven Truscott, to this rape and murder of 12 year old. If there is a just and lawful reckoning of events in human affairs, which the actions of the Ontario government have denied any notion of or responsibility to, in recent legislation and actions, then this is Devil's tribute, to a deceiver from those who choose to be deceived, which will be a curse on them both.
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