A British politician was at the centre of a storm last night after it was claimed that he made anti-German remarks at a Japanese nightclub.

Graham Stuart said "Britain does not support the ****ing Germans" as he watched the Euro 2008 Final between Germany and Spain.

Stuart (and probably most Britons) must have been pleased with the result - Spain won 1-0 against England's biggest rivals, their first win of a major tournament since 1964.

Tory MP accused of four-letter rant over German Euro team

By Simon Walters and Glen Owen
05th July 2008
Daily Mail

'Outburst': MP Graham Stuart

A Tory MP was at the centre of controversy last night over claims that during the Euro 2008 final between Spain and Germany, he grabbed a microphone in a Japanese nightclub and said: 'Britain does not support the ****ing Germans.'

Graham Stuart is alleged to have made the remarks while watching the match in Tokyo's Lime bar in the heart of Roppongi district – the city's equivalent of London's notorious Soho area – during an official trip to discuss global warming.

According to one report, the 45-year-old MP, a member of the Tory Party's ruling board, was in the sleazy bar in the early hours of last Sunday with a group of politicians from South Africa, and said: 'I could never support the ****ing Germans.'

He is then said to have grabbed a microphone and declared: 'The governments of Great Britain and South Africa are supporting Spain and not the ****ing Germans.'

Mr Stuart was in Tokyo in his capacity as vice-president of environment group Globe, along with other British politicians including Foreign Secretary David Miliband and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The visit was intended to prepare the ground for talks on climate change at this week's summit of leaders of the G8 group of world economic powers in Hokkaido, Japan.

When Mr Stuart was asked by The Mail on Sunday what happened in Lime, he said: 'It was a quiet evening watching football, as I recall.'

On screen: Spain's Fernando Torres, left, challenges Germany's Jens Lehmann in the Euro 2008 final. Spain beat the Germans 1-0.

Asked if there had been high-spirited behaviour, he said: 'I wouldn't have any comment to make on that.'

When quizzed on whether he said he could not support 'the ****ing Germans', Mr Stuart replied: 'I have no comment.'

Questioned on claims he repeated such comments over the microphone and, if so, was it appropriate behaviour for an MP, he said: 'I have no comment.'

At this point, the phone line went dead. Mr Stuart did not respond to subsequent phone calls or emails.

The Euro 2008 final attracted considerable attention in Tokyo among its population of European businessmen and diplomats, even though it did not start until nearly 4am local time.

Lime is in a district packed with neon-lit clubs, bars and strip joints and boasts themed events, such as bikini nights, offering free drinks to girls who turn up in a skimpy swimsuit.