Canadian Embassy meant no harm with poutine poster



Officials with Canada's embassy in Washington D.C. have apologized for using a picture of Samuel de Champlain holding poutine on a recent invitation.

The picture was used in publicity material inviting people to the embassy's Canada Day dinner.

Spokesperson Tristan Landry says no offence was intended by the depiction of Quebec's founder holding a plate of poutine and that the invitation was redrawn.

Poutine is a popular delicacy in Quebec, made with fries, cheese curds and gravy.

A French-language rights group in Quebec criticized the picture calling it a joke in bad taste, and adding that the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa would never put out a picture of the Statue of Liberty holding a hotdog.

Nope, but a Tomato will do.


Jean-Paul Perreault, the president of Imperatif français, called the embassy's behaviour contemptuous and unacceptable.

Perreault wants Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer apologies nationally and internationally because the invitation appeared on the internet.

Get a grip and grow up, geez....
It looks pretty harmless to me. Funny actually...

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It looks pretty harmless to me. Funny actually...

I agree. Besides poutine is great stuff.

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