Everyoneís suffering. Parents have to pay double at the pump just to get their kids to school everyday. College students have to smoke less pot in order to have enough money to make it to class so they canít find a parking spot. Thieves are having to steal twice as much gas just to make a clean getaway.
Itís gotten so bad that one guy tried to steal a whole tanker truck worth of gas, according to KOIN News 6 (external - login to view).

The man tried to steal 1,000 gallons from an underground storage tank. Apparently, he had to drive his Hummer to work the next day.
His plans were foiled because itís hard to be conspicuous when youíre in a vehicle thatís as big as the county that youíre stealing stuff from.
An attendant spotted the truck and approached the driver and he said he was there to pressure wash the area. But that lie was deflated when the attendant spotted the hose under the truck. He called police and police arrived before he could leave because getting in a car chase with a large car is pretty much a moot point. Unless your tanker can fly, youíre screwed.

no comment on this 1, it pretty much speaks for itself