Bill Gates retiring from Microsoft

He plans to dedicate his full time to his foundation and philanthropy.

I feel old. It seems he was just not long a go a young geek with a computer dream.

His accomplishment is pretty amazing. To think he may have been far more limited if IBM didn't leave him with the rights to create MS-DOS for cloned pc's.

All in all he has handled his status with integrity and never flaunted his excesses. Yes he has the house the size of a small city and yachts/islands etal but he has been low key. I've always liked him for the way he has handled his success.

Side story - I know he owns an Island not too far from where we live. Apparently one day he was in town and they were looking through an antique shop. Melinda wife was looking at a vase with an $80 price tag. The shop owner said "for you, $40" (he knew who they were). Legend has it that Bill was embarrassed and offered to pay full price. The shop owner said "for you $80, for her $40". They paid $40 but Bill offered to take him for lunch. Apparently they went for tea somewhere.

Not sure how true it is but it came from a normally reliable source.
L Gilbert
You are old, Kres. lol
I am surprised he hadn't retired by now. I would have given up work for the pleasure of my hobbies long ago if I had his dough.
Anyway, I always thought he was pretty cool. Gotta love philanthropy
I think our own Pattison is pretty cool, too.
I've heard very good things about Pattison too. He earned his dough the old fashioned way, through hardnosed business dealings. Amazing success.

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