LONDON -- Topics included "Britney's Tears: the Abject Female Celebrity in Postemotional Society" and "Hooker, Victim and/or Doormat: Lindsay Lohan and the Culture of Celebrity Notoriety."
European and American academics met Wednesday to examine society's fascination with "train-wreck" female celebrities and why the public and the media seem to get a kick out of Britney's meltdown, Lindsay's drink and drug arrests and Amy Winehouse's rehab struggles.
Diane Negra, one of the organizers, said participants wanted to study why we take "pleasure in seeing women brought low."
"The massive coverage these women draw is only a little bit about themselves," said Negra, a professor of film and television at the host university in Norwich, 185 kilometres northeast of London. "These women operate as lightning rods for a lot of other concerns."
There's nothing new in society's fascination with celebrities. But the Internet and the spread of "tabloid" culture into the mainstream have created a whirlwind in which rumour, claim and rebuttal swirl and feed off one another.

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Yeah I'm sorry, but these celebs all do it to themselves.... Britney in paticular almost seems like she feeds off her own tabloids to the point where it seems that's all she knows.

Not to mention, the other reasons why these paticular women celebs are in the news all the time is due to the age when the crap started to go down hill, how they continue to stick their private lives and things they do right in front of the cameras... hell, there's plenty of other celebs who seem to avoid the papers very easily..... these girls/women tend to use the tabloids to keep their names in the public's attention and sell their records or movies.

I personally don't follow any of the crap, I don't pay for tabloids so I can hear how crappy their lives are, or how great they are.... I just shake my head and turn the channel the moment I hear them talking about their next fumble.

Hell you want to compare people who get in the tabloids, compare Britney to M.Jackson.