God arrested

Scott Free
God arrested for selling cocaine - near a church!!!

TAMPA, FL -- Whether his name is a blessing or curse the man named God Lucky Howard was arrested by undercover detectives for selling cocaine in his neighborhood.

If the delivery of cocaine charge isn't enough Howard is charged with the delivery of cocaine near a church, a school and public housing near North Avon Avenue in Tampa.

After obtaining a warrant Police searched Howard's home and found an additional 22 grams of cocaine and a scale.

The investigation began toward the end of April and led to Howard's arrest Saturday.

Howard remains in jail on $86,500 bond.

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So? You think God isn't real? God will F**k you up!!
Coke use among christians is epidemic.
Sure thing, that's because God sanctions it Even sells it, in fact...
Let's face it..bingo just doesn't bring in the dollars these days

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