Father's Day last weekend brought many of the usual commercial messages, advertising, and a collection of some pretty original ideas from some of my friends who are still lucky enough to have a father - or even luckier - to be fathers themselves.

At the end of my Sunday R&R I imposed upon myself (ha), switching between the newscasts of Tim Russert's early demise as a vibrant news exec at NBC and Tiger Woods'
performance at Torrey Pines, I was reminded of one simple yet profound message in
the lives of these two families: The Russerts and the Woods.

The huge impact and influence an active father can play in the upbringing of the children - and there is no need to rehash how each young man Tiger and young Luke Russert were
blessed by the beautiful guys they called father - guys who took their jobs seriously with a bit of great humor and guidance.

We are the beneficiaries of dads who care everywhere..... and a sad tag line to that thought are the many dads who never practice that role, walk away from the responsibity or are prevented from assuming it.

A huge loss to a society - one without active participating and loving dads.