The Sun nails Euro 2008 NAZI who signed away Jews' lives during WWII

World War II Nazi Milivoj Asner, 95, has been seen mingling amongst Euro 2008 football fans in Austria.

Asner is wanted by Croatia for war crimes but, shamefully, Austria refuses to extradite (just as Germany, sickeningly, refuses to extradite a WWII Nazi who is wanted in Denmark).

Asner denies that he did nothing wrong during the War.

However, a British newspaper proves that he is lying. Today, The Sun reveals that Asner was a senior police chief of the savage Ustashi fascists in Pozega, Croatia – where the entire Jewish community was wiped out.

Guilt ... we prove that Milivoj Asner, who has been mingling with fans at Euro 2008, sent Jews to their death in Second World War

Nazi nailed

18th June 2008
The Sun

DAMNING papers proving how a Nazi caught by The Sun signed away Jews’ lives can be revealed today.

The dossier shows how wartime monster Milivoj Asner wielded fearsome police powers over helpless citizens and sealed their fates with his signature.

Uniform ... Milivoj Asner


On Monday we told how we tracked down Croatian-born Asner, now 95, soaking up the atmosphere of the Euro 2008 football championships in Klagenfurt, Austria, where he has lived for years under a false name.

He insisted he was just a minor civil servant in the Second World War and that he “never did anything bad against anybody”.

But The Sun can lift the lid on documents naming him as senior police chief of the savage Ustashi fascists in Pozega, Croatia – where the entire Jewish community was wiped out.

Papers ... from right to left, document reveals Asner's signature; list of doomed victims; police chief's refusal to help Julia Klein

The document APPOINTING him officially head of the police on May 15, 1941 is held in Croatian government archives.

Another paper dated October 18, 1941 was personally signed by Asner AUTHORISING the eviction of 63 Jewish families who were then exterminated.


It ordered the seizure of their homes and estimated the values of the properties, with Asner declaring: “I forbid the below-citated persons to reside in the flats they have owned till now.”

Slaughtered ... Ustashi victims

Asner also typed out a list of other people CONDEMNING them to join the families in notorious Jasenovac concentration camp, where 700,000 were massacred.

His signature appears on a letter describing SEIZING a rich woman’s property after sending her Jewish husband to his death.

Another document shows Asner REFUSING to save Jula Klein, born in his own town, from Nazis in Austria just because she was a Jewess.

The papers are among hundreds that prosecutors will use to convict Asner of war crimes.

Until now Austria has refused Croatian requests to extradite him on “health grounds”.

But authorities in Vienna yesterday confirmed they may now order a new medical examination.

Asner is the fourth most-wanted Nazi suspect still alive.

Interpol has a warrant for his arrest on “genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

Academic Alen Budaj, who uncovered the dossier, said: “It is rubbish for him to claim he was too junior to order the deportation of Jews. He was engaged in systematic killing.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which probes Holocaust atrocities, has demanded Asner’s immediate extradition saying there is “absolutely no justification” for continuing to refuse it.
Scott Free
It's hard to give a $hit when after all this time it turns out we're no better than the Nazis - what's worse; we are the new Nazis.

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