Israel wants to talk peace with Lebanon



The Israeli government is calling on neighbouring Lebanon to open peace talks.

Government spokesman Mark Regev said Wednesday that Israel is interested in "direct, bilateral" talks with Lebanon. He said "every issue of contention" is on the table, including a key border dispute over Chebaa Farms, a small piece of land controlled by Israel.

The dispute over the Chebaa Farms enclave is a key sticking point between Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Israel invaded Lebanon twice in the last 30 years, in 1982 and again in July 2006.

Wednesday's announcement came amid a flurry of developments in the region. Israeli officials say they are close to a prisoner swap with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, and Israel also recently opened peace talks with Syria.

Meanwhile, a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas is set to begin on Thursday.

Well finally....
Well, I wouldn't be holding my breath on this!
lone wolf
Of course.... Israel very often wants to be friends with the neighbours when there's a new sheriff coming to Washington....
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Well, I wouldn't be holding my breath on this!

Oh I don't have any faith in it actually working out, but at least they're finally trying to seek something other then cluster bombing & bulldozing civilians.
Good, hope it happens.
Scott Free
There's oil in them thar hills.
So much for that:

Rockets hit southern Israel, ceasefire over: Israel


JERUSALEM -- Israeli police say three Palestinian rockets have hit southern Israel.
Israel's national rescue service says two people were lightly wounded in the rocket barrage.

There is no immediate word on how Israel will react. However, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office says the ceasefire that took effect last week has been broken.

Islamic Jihad militants in the Gaza Strip says they carried out the attack to avenge an Israeli military raid that killed one of their fighters in the West Bank early Tuesday. A second Palestinian, reportedly a civilian, also died in the attack.

The West Bank is not formally part of the Gaza truce. But the Israeli raid could be perceived as violating the spirit of the ceasefire.

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip says it remains committed to the truce. Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for the actions of all militant groups in the territory.

lone wolf
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So much for that:

Rockets hit southern Israel, ceasefire over: Israel

Have you looked at a map? Lebanon is the other end.

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Have you looked at a map? Lebanon is the other end.


Doesn't matter, they called off the ceasefire and hold Hamas responsible for it all.

What's your point?
lone wolf
Oh ... I just assumed that since you titled the thread about Lebanon and the agreement concerned Hezbollah it was about peace talks with Lebanon ... which is on the other end of Israel.
Thier prattle about peace is for the MSM, they have no intention of not proceeding with the theft of the entire middle east. It will be broken up into smaller more administrable enclaves surrounded by razor wire and Israeli only roads. Iran Syria and Lebanon first.

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