Panhandler scammer

Scott Free

Panhandler scammer

Quite common. It becomes a habit and is pretty easy work for the money.....

Why Professional Beggars Earn More Money Than You! - Associated Content (external - login to view)
I wonder how long it took them to find one panhandler that made their point so well though? Did they overlook the ones who really needed it?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't give money to panhandlers, but, I can't help but wonder about the slant of the story.
I seriously considered this when I was between jobs about ten years ago. I still wonder if it would have been a good choice.

I'd have to say, anecdotally , that there is a percentage of people on the street that have truly fallen on hard times or mental illness of some sort has put them in that position. The others probably range from lazy to stupid. Most likely both. Then there are the business minded like that young lady. She's putting on a show and people are paying her for it. They are buying their own little piece of 'guilt relief'.
lone wolf
You never know. That's the whole problem. There are people who will take advantage of anything. Homeless don't have minicured fingernails. At least panhandlers aren't selling their butts, stealing purses of pulling B&E's

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