Children should not have been removed from polygamous sect: court


VANCOUVER (CBC) - Authorities had no right to seize hundreds of children from a west Texas polygamist ranch, an appeals court ruled on Thursday, saying the state's child welfare department did not prove the children were in immediate danger.


More than 400 children were removed from the compound, owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in April after a 16-year-old called an abuse hotline alleging that her husband, a 50-year-old member of the sect, beat and raped her. Authorities have yet to locate the girl and are investigating whether the call was a hoax. (external - login to view)

A possible hoax? Child welfare didn't make sure of their facts before acting? BIIIIIIIIG Surprise.
It didn't sound like it would pass a constitutional test, at least not under these circumstances.
Yes, as soon as I heard that they had taken all of those kids away from the mothers and
spread them all over Texas, I felt uncomfortable and sympathy for those moms and kids.
I'm sure there are things going on in that sect that shouldn't be, but they should deal
with each case individually, and not all of them as though they are all the same, as they
obviously are not.
I'm sure some of those men are pedafiles who have found a way to have all these young girls,
and hide under a religious umbrella.
I would also like to know where all of the 'old' people are, what happens to people who grow old, do they ship them out somewhere or? I know they ship lots of the young men out, as they 'get in the way' of the 'several wives for
one husband' system, but what do they do with the old people, is there a big incinerator there or?

Seems like the law has bungled this investigation.
This sounded like a massive abuse of state power from the beginning and I am happy to hear that this will have to be heard on a case by case basis going forward.

I hope justice will be served quickly on those found guilty of child abuse.

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